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Frantic Friday Sept. 14 $$$ Stretching

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    September 14, 2018 8:26 AM PDT
    Happy Friday to All. How are you stretching those $$$ today?
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    September 14, 2018 9:08 AM PDT
    morning! hopefully everyone in the path of the storm is ok! rainy here but of course nothing like that. had boiled old eggs for the crows to get them used up. so they are happy. all the young molting ones out hanging out in gangs.

    my sinuses are bugging me a lot so just popped an allergy sinus pill. going to do some work. the usual do all the emails etc responding to guide stuff. apparently the girl who cried the whole meeting it isn't normal behaviour but will see. not like I want to have to have someone assigned each meeting just to deal with her if she doesn't adjust in a couple of weeks. mom sense kinda can tell it works at home for her.

    lots of leftover veggies from last night. kinda pulled half filled bags out of the freezer to use up for dinner. breaded chicken, peas, carrots and fries. ds ate the asian dumplings. a pile of towels and sheets to fold. get my stuff ready for work tomorrow.

    hopefully the sale of mils condo goes though so it is load off dh. so far being in a home hasn't decreased the work with her except that we know meals are done and she has friends and activities so not alone. think we will have to get her to give cordless phones and go to big button for the legally blind ones. because she doesn't hang up them well etc.
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    September 14, 2018 9:17 AM PDT
    Weather forecast has remained the same (sort of) since this morning. Expecting some rain today and then Saturday/Sunday lots of rain, tornado threat, sustained 40 mph winds. As ready as we can be considering.

    Laundry done, trash, recycling and yard waste pickup done and cans stowed away in the garage. Green tomatoes and tiny peppers picked. Made a large batch of granola. Going with DH for his dental appointment and then running the dishwasher when we get home. Hopefully I will get to check in but if not everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend.
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    September 14, 2018 10:03 AM PDT
    I am babysitting today so no money out. I have made breakfast and cleaned the kitchen. I may run load through the washer when the dishes are finished. After grandson gets home from preschool we will have lunch and naps. Dinner will be nachos or tacos tonight
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    September 14, 2018 6:43 PM PDT
    I took DS2 for his interview and spent $9 for the train. Ugh. I made sloppy joes from frozen beef. I made pumpkin bread from the leftover pumpkin and baked it in a 8x8 glass dish as the loaf pan made it raw in the middle. This should come out better.

    I don't plan on spending much this coming week as I'm on staycation. We'll do a family outing but mostly cleaning around the house is on my agenda.
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    September 14, 2018 11:00 PM PDT
    Today was crazy.... kinda... Pauline and I rearranged the furniture in, my living room, I washed my dishes and cleaned off my cooktop. Pauline took my one load of laundry to do first thing in the morning. Our plan was to tackle my kitchen today, but she got a late start this morning, so we'll be starting in the kitchen tomorrow I hope. I need to clean out my fridge while she's here so she can take the spoiled stuff to the dumpster. Ugh!! I hate food waste. but I also hate cooking for just me too. Pauline cracks me u- she said today she wished she could just come to my place for like 8 hours and not go to her other clients, so we/she could get more done. My bathroom looks fabulous!! and my bedroom is about -65-70 % complete. Once my desk is all put together and I/we can organize that a to get other things put away and organized; like my extra ink cartridges, copy paper, post-it notes, etc).
    I am a little behind on my school work for this week, becauseI've been trying to help Pauline. Tomorrow is Criminal Minds and college football day!! And Pauline will be here from noon to about 22-2:30 pm. So most of my assignments will get done Sat. night, Sunday and Monday. I have until 2:59 am on Tuesday morning to get my final assignments completed and turned in. Monday is the last day of this journalism class. I start general Psychology on Tuesday. Yay me!! lol
    Will check in as much as I can over the weekend.