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Time to Tidy Up Tuesday $$$ Stretching 9/11/18

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    September 11, 2018 12:30 AM PDT
    I'm feeling like a Fall cleaning is in order. Do you feel the same way? Time to declutter the mind and home. I've made some progress this week but will be more thorough next week. How about you?.
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    September 11, 2018 12:39 AM PDT
    I have a large bag full of new items for the church fundraiser and will ask DH if he is willing to part with things as well. Getting the kids to purge is a mind bender for me.

    I got some hair products online and a few freebies came with it. One aftershave freebie will go into DS2's stocking.

    I will attempt to make raviolis tomorrow. I found ground beef and local sausage on clearance tonight and will mix them for the filling. I've made pasta before, so it should be easy enough to do.

    I must get DH to get his car examined with a estimate. He's put it off for so many years and I think it needs to be done now. I don't think it will cost anything to look at it.
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    September 11, 2018 2:02 AM PDT
    Good Tuesday morning. Everyone’s sentiments regarding the impending hurricane are appreciated. It’s one of the unpleasant hazards of living in this section of the east coast. Sadly, some people in neighboring areas are still trying to recover from Hurricane Matthew which hit in September two years ago.

    retired, hoping the damage to your flooring is not too extensive.

    Safe travels and lots of good times to those of you going out on vacation soon.

    Our weather will be hot and muggy today with high temp back in the 90-degree range. Plans for today will be to remove any loose items that are outside to prevent them from becoming projectiles during the storm winds. If I feel well enough, I may mow the front section of the property. In addition to the regular daily house chores, there is more laundry to get done and a couple of loads to fold and put away. Anyway, staying at home to do some things and no spending as I can determine at this point. Supper will be veggie/beef taco bowls.

    I hope everyone has a good day.
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    September 11, 2018 5:56 AM PDT
    Retired - hoping that you don't have to cancel your vacation on account of the plumbing leak.

    I won't be doing any fall cleaning or decluttering. One of the many advantages of living in a compact 2 bedroomed flat is that I can clean as I go and lack of storage space means I am not tempted to hang onto things I don't need. When I downsized a year ago, that was the mother of all decluttering and I vowed to 'travel light' after that.

    So far I have had a frustrating day. DD texted me this morning to say a surprise parcel is being delivered this afternoon so I had to reschedule the beauty parlour appointment I had just made. I then stepped out for 15 minutes to pick a couple of items at the local shops, missing the postman by 5 minutes who has a delivery for me (a different one) that must be signed for, but it won't be at the sorting office until tomorrow, so this means a car trip tomorrow squeezed in between 3 appointments.

    I am now stuck in waiting for the surprise parcel and hoping that the delivery driver is on time so I don't have to cancel the beauty parlour again. My eyebrows need waxing and shaping so that I look my best for my holiday.

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    September 11, 2018 6:37 AM PDT
    Hoping the hurricane weakens by the time it reaches those of you in it's path. Retired, I hope you get your plumbing problem fixed and it doesn't ruin your vacation. Mags, hopefully you'll get your packages and be able to get your eyebrows done. 42 and overcast, but high of 79 today with no chance of rain. I have vacation coming up too and am really looking forward to it even though it will be hot where we're going. The only spending yesterday was to put gas in my car. No anticipated spending today other than the propane bill unless DH puts gas in his truck. Italian sausage thawed for dinner tonight. I hope everyone has a great day. Jill
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    September 11, 2018 6:54 AM PDT
    Mags, Your going to be exhausted after all that running around. Funny you should mention eye brows. Part of losing my vision means I don't always see things that need to be done. DD gifted me an eye brow mascara type of makeup this morning. According to her I need this for my trip. She often does my make up for weddings or nights out and does an amazing job.

    No kids today other than on and off the bus. Starting to think about what I am going to pack. DH needs to help me with fall cleaning now. No heavy lifting or pulling for me. As far as decluttering my kitchen cabinets are done. Closets are something that need to be done. Dreading the drapes and windows.

    Having trouble with our car. The drivers side window is not going up or down. DH took it to a garage and we need a relay switch. It has to be ordered from the car manufacturer. Depending how long it takes to get it in we may have to wait for a few weeks. We leave for Boston in 11 days. Our warranty doesn't cover this. The car was bought new a year and a half ago. Lousy if you ask me.

    No spending today that I can see. Trying to keep finances in check for the next week or so.

    Have a good day everyone.

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    September 11, 2018 7:16 AM PDT
    Plumbing problem is fixed for now. It was all caused by the flex hose to the dishwasher. So it has been disconnected for now. I will have to have new dishwasher because of damage done to it over the winter by rats. (I haven't used it since November because we knew about the damage, but had no idea of the damage to connections.
    Right now the plumber says he saw no damage to the subflooring but time will tell on that. So vacation is still on. YAY!
    Dr appt for me today and straightening up the mess we made prepping for the plumber. I have a last load of clothes in the laundry now so I can pack. We will strip the bed and get the linens done this afternoon/evening.
    We should have some rain today and possibly tomorrow.
    Stay safe everyone.

    P.S.- Never forget those who sacrificed 17 years ago.
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    September 11, 2018 7:51 AM PDT
    That is good news retired. That sucks map. really in a car that new. well nice to know doesn't matter what country you are in the postman is the same! forecast low 60s and rain off and on for the week. ds came home after school my runners are wet..holes in it so dh took him shoe shopping last night.

    warning! I thought when your kids were teens you weren't involved in their bms anymore. but no at 4am what are you doing in the bathroom so long. waiting for next one as he is falling asleep on toilet...go to bed. dd as leaving someone plugged up the downstairs toilet..yes it was you since you are the only one who really uses it. no it is gremlins ..cus no one else said they did used it. so I am great there is water overflowing.. no just plugged. so phd dh and said guess what you are doing when you get home. not dealing with it. the first half hour of getting up.

    Not going in to do bookkeeping today. stiff and sore fingers. but guides starts tonight so I need to get stuff sorted for that. other group is going to use the folding tables for the year so that is out of my house. and plan to deal with mil craft stuff that I am donating to moms group tomorrow. go though the bag of outgrown clothes of ds to give some to friend. had decluttered some of my clothes on the weekend. plus odds and ends into the ongoing thrift store box. house needs a good declutter esp dd and dh stuff.

    of course housework, dishes. a load of clothes to go into the dryer. need to pick up csa veggies after guides too. accepted more demos. said I wasn't working our thanksgiving. who wants yogurt on thanksgiving sunday. this co. really doesn't know how to time their demos. last one canada day long weekend when no one was around and they went all out. amazing how many overpaid marketing people are out there. lack basic common sense.

    ds bday is next monday. he wants to do a outside movie at home. I said maybe the week after since it is raining, short notice I am working. dh said something so I said you are welcome to organize it all every detail and do all the work, clean the house, shop, decorate etc. and what about my bday? kids forgot no cake card etc. your sister temper tantrum. he shut up fast lol plus most of their friends don't do parties anymore. not like we aren't doing a family one. there is an arcade opening up here and i wanted the kids to do a joint one later there.

    I do have a package from amazon to pick up for ds bday at post office too.

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    September 11, 2018 10:19 AM PDT
    I have been decluttering for a while now. I need to clean a few windows and window sills. I think they will have to wait until the weekend. I need to do a clean out of my closet again to get rid of more clothes and shoes. Today I am going to steam mop the kitchen and wash the white clothes. I also need to declutter the bathroom cabinets. I can't wait until my son moves out which will probably be next year. I have a lot of boxes in the garage for him to take with him. I saved all of the dishes and pans for when he moves out. He probably won't need to buy anything for his kitchen, bedroom or bathroom when he moves out. Dinner tonight Is at my BFF'S house since both of our husband's are away on business. We are having salads and watching a movie together.
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    September 11, 2018 4:01 PM PDT
    well I didn't to the decluttering downstairs because of the plugged stinking toilet the situation stunk out the house. and I am not lying had to change clothes and shower.

    so decided to see if I can watch the latest season of the great british bake off online and I can! decided everyone can get their own dinner. leftovers or hotdogs. here is the link

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    September 11, 2018 4:07 PM PDT
    I managed to get the laundry finished, the floor mopped and the bathroom cabinets and closet cleaned out. I took DD a bag of stuff we don't use and I threw out 2 boxes of junk
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    September 11, 2018 8:14 PM PDT
    Retired- I'm glad the plumbing got figured out.

    Riley- DS1 said he will probably move out next year as well. Yay. I have a ton of stuff sitting in the middle of the cellar for his use. It's so high, it has its own zip code...Seriously.

    Map- Hope the car gets fixed before you leave for vacay.

    Mags- Sorry to hear you missed your appt with all of that running around. I hope it was worth it, though!

    Martha- gotta love those toilet issues. I Love that British baking show too. The contestants are so creative and funny at times. Glad you spoke up on the party. Let's see who will organize it.

    I made ravioli today. I figured out the need for a pasta machine (egg pasta dough plumps up in boiling water and thickens), why the filling needs to be wet and how long it truly takes to make this dinner, despite what others have said online. I was going to make pumpkin pie but they groaned about it. So, pumpkin bread it is. And it just came out of the oven.

    DS2 cleaned out his bookcase and has many novels to get rid of. I tried selling his last group on ebay without luck. I went online to see who would buy them and found a place but it was picky and only gave 25 cents to a dollar per book. Crazy. In the end, I may donate them and get a tax write off as it's better to do that from a financial sense.

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    September 11, 2018 8:18 PM PDT
    check the prayer circle for an update from Zonherfarms. She needs our prayers.