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Marvellous Monday June 11 $$$ Stretching

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    June 11, 2018 3:11 AM PDT
    Good Monday to All. How are you stretching those $$$ today?
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    June 11, 2018 3:22 AM PDT
    Early morning temps in the low 70's and highs in the 90's with increasing humidity. June is definitely here.

    Have been only lurking last week - combination of DH being on the computer for countless hours, my being a tad overwhelmed from the past 3 weeks and many nights of little sleep. Marvelous is the 7-1/2 hours of sleep last night. Thought I did not comment, all of your needs and concerns have been in my prayers.

    In a nutshell (you're welcome) last Monday morning was DH's first cardio follow-up, my mammogram 15 minutes later in the same building, Costco to make an appointment to get DH's hearing aids fine tuned, and the dentist to make appointments and fill out paperwork just before noon. They had openings for both of us at 1 PM so we walked over to the fast food place across the parking lot for a cheapo lunch. Two high school boys started fighting and throwing chairs over something very petty - two sort of big guys who were eating lunch came over and helped break up the fight. My dental check-up was good. DH had 2 cracked teeth fixed and then had to come back for a temporary crown - another unexpected expense. Ka-ching.

    Cut some leaf lettuce heads and pulled a lot of the Fall planted onions - very small bulbs but we will take what we can get. First 2 cucumbers. DH ordered some special gauzy bags to fit over the apples and berries and other produce - the squirrels have been stealing the very tiny apples on the trees, taking one bite, and tossing them on the ground. Hope the bags work.

    Trying to save money by eating from the pantry and freezer. Everyone have a blessed day.

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    June 11, 2018 7:46 AM PDT
    A new week, a fresh start.

    I hope everyone is doing well.

    We share LNBee2’s forecast with another hot, muggy day here, and we also have the possibility of severe thunderstorms. I will try to take care of some outside chores this morning (while it’s not raining) and leave the indoor tasks for the afternoon. No plans to leave home, staying here all day, so there should be no money spent. Supper will be turkey/veggie tacos. Have a nice day.
  • June 11, 2018 8:51 AM PDT
    Plans for today have changed. Daughter, son in law and grandson are coming down to visit me instead of me going up there. Grandson has hockey down here in Langford at 5pm so they will arrive a couple of hours before that. SIL will put the new trampoline mat on the trampoline taking off the busted one. So yesterday was a wasted day, I did nothing but read all day. It was windy and cold even with the sun shining. Today I will get the chores done and tidy up before they arrive. No wind today and seems much nicer outside. Yesterday found 3 lamb chops in the chest freezer and made a small lamb hotpot. Had half of it for dinner and the other half for tonight's dinner.. Will be a no spend day again as was yesterday. Sally.
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    June 11, 2018 9:38 AM PDT
    LNBee2 - good to have an update from you and hoping that you and DH are over the worst.

    Sally - thanks for the encouragement yesterday and I am feeling more positive today. Only spend today was for a packet of caster sugar to do some baking this afternoon.

    In the 70s again today and very sunny. I did my laundry and ironing this morning and a few other chores. Tonight I will put in an online grocery order as I need quite a few things and having it delivered means I don't have to haul heavy shopping across the car park and then up to my flat. DD and family are arriving this weekend to go to a wedding on Saturday afternoon. They catch the 3.00 pm train home on Sunday and I have booked lunch at a local pub for us as it is Father's day and I want to give DD's partner a treat. As this will also be a flying visit I don't want to spend the whole time stuck in the kitchen. I will cook and freeze Saturday's lunch on Thursday.

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    June 11, 2018 9:40 AM PDT
    DH and I got the laundry done last night so I don't have to worry about that today.
    I was actually able to sleep in the bed last night with very little pain. (I am a stomach sleeper and after the biopsy, it hurt too much).
    I am going to work on the mending I have to do on that last quilt. I will bbe doing it with invisible thread. It took both of us over and hour to thread the machine and get the bobbin up. That stuff was "finer than frog's hair". LOL
    I will make DH some chicken spaghetti this afternoon for his supper. I have leftovers to finish.

    Forecast today is high 90's with high humidity.

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    June 11, 2018 9:58 AM PDT
    Thanks Magsuk. We are in somewhat of a merry-go-round with 4 different cardio doctors saying 4 different things. At the end of the month DH will see the hospital cardio doctor at his office. We really liked him and may switch over even though a longer drive. Got a referral for DH to start cardio rehab at the hospital nearby, but that wouldn't start until next month if he decides to participate. New meds have made DH excessively cranky this morning - it has not been a fun day.

    After posting this morning went outside to work in the backyard before it got too hot. I was in the middle of the backyard and heard a strange whooshing sound and then a crash. A very large tree limb, probably 9-10 feet long, fell off the next door neighbor's tree into our yard only inches from where I had been just a few minutes previously. The branch fell onto a bed of spent irises and didn't do any damage at all. The branch wasn't dead or diseased - no apparent reason for it to fall. Neighbor's husband is away for the week so we said we would take care of cutting up the branch and taking it out to the curb for yard waste pickup on Friday.

    Forgot a money saver - have been harvesting dried seed pods from broccoli. Hopefully can do the same with the leaf lettuce, kale and radishes which are all blooming right now.
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    June 11, 2018 11:17 AM PDT
    hope everyone is doing good! wow that must be freaky lnbee. sally someone stole our garbage cans once and they had our address on them too. was weird because they had garbage in them. they could have stolen the neighbours which were empty because no one was living there at the time.

    was up really early yesterday and slept in today was needed. left work early a couple of hours yesterday hip bugging me a lot and it was quiet there. standing in one place kills my hip. not a demo people wanted too. there was community events going on so more quiet then normal. kids usually get excited seeing my booth not this weekend plus surrounded by candy and toys, chips/pops so a let down for them lol

    there was a tool sale across the border dh wanted to go to but not without me. he had replaced the toilet and put the floor etc down in the basement bathroom. so we went new yarn at joanns but dh got to sale with 15mins to go so he got his tool he wanted. went to fred meyers ..really need to plan going there to time the 10 for 10 sales to stock up. turns out the person in front of me pectin for jam ended up in mine. so I have 2 packs of pectin I don't need. kids don't eat jam. so that needs returning. was like my childhood going though there all the stuff we don't get up here anymore or haven't seen before and hungry. so some junky cereal etc ended up in the buggie. cake mixes etc. plus some hebrew national hotdogs on sale. I always work out prices with exchange in mind.

    checked and don't have to go out today for anything. have to love the internet for getting stuff done. need to go cash out for work but will do tomorrow. still dvds to watch. ds ate the arbys leftovers for lunch and I will have mexican. he fell asleep on the way home in the car. so just watching pvrd shows and housework.

    thinking pasta for dinner. chilly but sunny so maybe bake a cake. discovered they expect us at sports day for the whole time ugh. (not real ones anymore no real races etc. ds though it was so lame that there was participation awards for the science fair. instead of just winners. he didn't win but didn't care but I said there are some kids who really need that ribbon for some reason. my kids never did they just throw them out.)

    lol have been writing this post off and on for a couple of hours talked way too much

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    June 11, 2018 11:56 AM PDT
    38 and overcast this morning with a high of 63. Supposed to drop to 32 tonight. Keep turning the thermostat down on the stove so it doesn't kick on during the night. DH mowed and I trimmed the yard on Saturday. Yesterday started the futile job of clearing the landscaping of grass and weeds. About ready to take a chain saw to all of it. Today it's back to work and lots of issues to deal with. Finished the rest of the spaghetti for lunch. we got 3 meals out of it. There's chicken thawed for dinner tonight. No anticipated spending today. I hope everyone has a great day. Jill
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    June 11, 2018 5:37 PM PDT
    Today was a nice sunny day. I got some more weeds chopped down. Finidhed reading a book. I baked a cheesecake and a chocolate cake. DD#2 had company for dinner so gave her some for their dessert.

    I had grandaughter , age 3 1/2 for part of the day. We ate pizza muffins for dinner.with chocolate cake. Real healthy meal. lol

    I did a load of laundry, dried them outside on the rack.

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    June 12, 2018 12:19 AM PDT
    Just a quick update.... my mother was released to home this afternoon. I do not know wth her doctor is thinking, but he freaking give her the choice between home health care coming 3x a week or going to a skilled nursing facility. well, she flat refused to go to a nursing home!! My sister and I were under the impression she'd be going back to the rehab hospital like last time. I haven't yet had the opportunity to actually speak with Jeni only a few texts here and there. I di think I'm going to try to get in touch with my oldest nephew and see if I can get him to come up here to pick up a couple pans of lasagna in a week or two.

    I may need to drop by the dollar store and pick up a couple foil pans.

    Tuesday I am going to see if I can remember how to get on the NuStep and maybe get in a 20-430 minute workout... should be interesting... lol