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secure saturday & sunday stretching (6/9-6/10)

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    June 9, 2018 4:44 AM PDT
    how are you making the most of your money and resource???
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    June 9, 2018 5:11 AM PDT
    Earlier this week I hired a couple people I know to help move the bathtub upstairs so for the first rime in months I no longer have a random tub in my living room. The bathroom is coming along a lot better now that the tub is up there. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of July.

    Dd and her bff have a very bad habit of making plans and consulting only one mother but not telling the other. Yesterday was a 1/2 day for them and I had to work the whole day (the pre ks I take kids to never do 1/2 days). Bff's mom is on disability and stays home so I arranged for dd to go over after school till I got out of work but didn't tell dd. It wasn't till she and bff were talking that she found this out and had to ask me. Yesterday morning bff's mother called me and suggested we have a little more fun by letting dd spend the night. The girls were in school and had no way of knowing what we were up to. On my lunch break I grabbed dd's clothes, sleeping bag, stuffed animals and the frozen pizza I offered to kick in. When dd called to ask if she could spend the night we revealed that her stuff was already there.Then the squealing and giggling started. From what bff's mom said it only took them 10 minuets to calm down.

    Today is going to be another running day for me. In an hour dd has a camp physical so I'm getting her from bff's early for that. After it's banking, out to the slaughter house for some lard/fat, getting the propane tank filled for the grill and getting the stuff for the handyman.

    DD was supposed to cook last night but got a break because of the surprise so she'll be cooking tonight supper is tbd.
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    June 9, 2018 9:06 AM PDT
    that is a fun surprise nana. rained all yesterday which was needed. but sunny today so cats happy. they slept all day so I got lots of complaints that it was still raining when I got home. until I said enough so the one who likes to complain went to the kids instead lol an hour of in and out complaining was enough.

    easy weekend here. dh is working on the bathroom and has to do a self defense dvd with dd. last thing for a badge so her canada cord is done. 2 high school credits earned too.

    kids have year end schoolwork to get done. ds needs to weed that land beside the garage. I am working again. will be boring. almond milk.

    no staff wanted samples which who cares if on break etc or they sell the product and are customers too. I have to try the products. then someone told me they all got in trouble firings etc ...hit me on the way home female managers... always problems with them. I don't have to even have met them before and issues always feel they have to do something petty to prove themselves. been like sticking me in the flower dept to sell cookies. but never finding out what we actually do like the reporting or what jobs we do or did besides the demo work. it isn't that can't get any other job. they can't really control us also. remember one telling off a other demo person about her hair had a pink streak in her grey short hair.. not company rules..well don't work for you and can't see it under cap so what. if a man is a jerk they are a jerk to all staff and they usually are happy I know what I am doing so great. and yes I have done their jobs before. so will just not shop there anymore if I can help it. so many other ones to shop at here. not upset just really how do you expect women to be serious in business if you act like that.

    no idea what is for dinner yet. what they can come up with or takeout probably.

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    June 9, 2018 9:17 AM PDT
    Martha, that's funny about the complaining cat!
    Moving a bit better today but definitely avoiding brushing up against things on that side.
    Small load of delicates in the laundry cycle.
    Money out today to the guy who is cutting back the overgrown lot. At least, I hope he got started. He isn't a very ambitious person but he will usually come through for me.

    Dh is going to get me out for a little bit today. Just a drive around town and some fresh air.

    Happy Saturday!
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    June 9, 2018 9:34 AM PDT
    lol retired her nickname is pissy pants for 2 reasons for her complaining and her peeing everywhere the first year or so we had her. she was a year old when we got her and has issues. now she is complaining because the people are working on the house across the street so just told her really now you are complaining about that.
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    June 9, 2018 1:38 PM PDT
    Retired-So glad to hear the good news.

    I made sausage with noodles today. DH and DS2 don't want it but I'll be home for lunch break so I'll have some. They'll probably eat it tomorrow.

    Very hot days here in the high 90's. AC running but it does freeze up and stop so we watch it. It usually freezes up on the hottest days. Then we have to turn it off for 24 hours. It's a Trane or Rheem ac unit so I'm not sure why it does that.

    Sold some stuff on ebay. Part of my decluttering process.
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    June 10, 2018 12:44 AM PDT
    Hi gang!! I apologize for being MIA most of this past week or two... Between my school work and a whirlwind trip to Columbus to spend time with my mother- which was a disaster of epic proportions, to say the least. I finished up my World religions course with n A- On the 2nd I got a text from sister at 10:30 am asking if I could be ready by 1 pm as she was coming to get me to take me to mom's I had planned on doing my laundry on Saturday and Sunday packing and Jen coming to get me on Monday. Nope!! Had to be on my sister's schedule since she's the only one of us that can drive. SO I packed up my meds, my dirty laundry, my laptop, phone, and chargers. Saturday and earlySunday were ok, until my mom had a bit of a bathroom accident, leaving a few little piles on the floor. I wake up to her bawling. So I hurriedly get dressed and come out of the bedroom, when she immediately starts yelling at me to watch my step as she $h!t all over the floor. more crying... I try to calm and console her as best I can- tell her it's not the end of the world, I had accidents after my stroke, Again she bites my head off telling me SHE didn't have a stroke!!! So again I try to calm her down and get up to clean up the messes as best I can. mOre crying about how humiliating it is to have her daughter s have to clean up her mess. smh. As I am attempting to clean up she is freaking out every time I bend over, saying you're going to fall, Angela!" To which I replied, "Mom if I didn't think I could do this, I wouldn't even try to clean it up. Relax" I get more attitude... She knocked over her stash of Oreos onto the floor and she needs my sister to come over right away before the ants come in.. I am like it's 7:30 am- she's probably still in bed. SO I text her and tell her what all has gone one, I start my laundry, make mom a pot of coffee and some toast so she can take her meds. I get mom situated, and as I m doing my laundry, mom is nitpicking how I clean up her crap then starts in on my sister, how it's like pulling teeth to get Jeni to do anything for her, and when she does she doesn't do it right... UGH. I ask if she wants me to make some lasagna for dinner, she says no not in the mood for lasagna, sloppy joes sound good to her. So I make that for our dinner and my sister shows up, mops the floors and finishes cleaning up after mom, All the while mom is criticizing how she's cleaning it up, how I'm folding MY clothes, as my sister washes the and from dinner I go into the kitchen to talk to Jen about Mom's accidents. Mom gets paranoid about us talking about her, and all hell breaks loose.. The 3 of us have a knock down drag out, that leaves me physically, mentally and emotionally spent!! Monday is a somewhat better day. With the exception of mom trying to convince me to move back to Columbus, so she and I bicker back and forth all day about that. Around 8 ish my sister shows up, apparently, Jen is the one who buys my mom her pot. I cannot make this crap up!! So, Now my sister proceeds to roll my mom not one but 2 and 3 joints. Next thing I know we're all about in mom's Florida room chatting and then they both light up. It was so surreal to just sit there while my mom and sister got high. I'm no prude, but I've never even tried pot. Fast forward to Wednesday morning... Mom has a follow-up appointment and gets bad news. I get a text telling me to pack up my stuff because mom has to go back to the hospital Friday morning, and she and Joe will be taking me home. I had already decided to stay till Saturday, but I think between my falling in mom' kitchen and her bad news, the decision was made that would come home. I got my stuff packed up and waited patiently for them to get back... Mom cried a lot.... which was to be expected... I told her it was ok to cry that she needed to grieve, etc. I called mom Thursday night. she was a little weepy but in kind of good spirits. I called her today, and she just sounded so defeated, like there was no point in her even trying to get stronger... I am more worried this time around... the first amputation surgery she was upbeat and hopeful, and pain-free... This time because they had to go above her knee, she's discouraged, resentful, and says she's in tremendous pain. Anyway, I just don't know what to think or say at this point... Anyway, that's been my life, in a nutshell, this past 7-10 days... I am so happy to be home!! Oh, and my NuStep was delivered and setup pn Friday morning!!! woohoo!

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    June 10, 2018 5:27 AM PDT
    Sorry the visit went so bad Ang but GREAT JOB with school!!!

    Kim glad to hear you're getting around a little better.

    Martha love the cats name!!!

    I was able to get the fat from the slaughter house yesterday only to learn that they are going to be retiring at the end of the year and closing the doors.

    Last night I did a home sleep study and didn't get much sleep the stupid probe on my finger was too tight keeping me up among other issues. When I took it off this morning my finger was stiff and I have been cracking it ever since..

    After yesterday's marathon errand day today I'm staying home and doing chores. Along with the laundry I have some clothes that ds#2 left behind when he moved out. I'm washing and donating those. I'm also rendering the fat down and measuring it out.

    Supper tonight is probably going to be burgers on the grill just not sure if it will be wood or gas grill.
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    June 10, 2018 6:01 AM PDT
    that is a lot of drama kim! up way too early here. not even 6am and was in bed late. we found a new show on amazon prime. now ds is up so not even alone time. they sense it lol yesterday had to get woken up at 10am and he went to bed late. at least he will go to bed early. not watching my pvr'd shows I guess.

    was sunny all day and then thunderstorm late. got mexican food for dinner. dh is working on the bathroom. put floor down and new toilet. still needs work. need bread, milk etc too

    no idea what is for dinner. now sent ds back to bed as he is falling asleep on the couch.
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    June 10, 2018 7:00 AM PDT
    Retired - glad you ae on the mend.

    Angie - what an absolute nightmare! You must be exhausted.

    Rather a boring weekend of cleaning and sorting out paperwork. I took a picnic lunch to the park today but soon came home as I was just too hot and uncomfortable. It's only about 73 but humid with it. I'm feeling a little sorry for myself at the moment, for no good reason. Most of my friends and family are busily planning and anticipating vacations but I have no plans for anything until the middle of September, which seems a long way away. I know I shouldn't complain and I have much to be thankful for but I am suffering a bit from frugal fatigue. I need to remotivate myself.

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    June 10, 2018 10:45 AM PDT
    I went to a family reunion with my BFF yesterday. We had a good time. I got sunburned a little on my shoulders. I met the rest of her family that she is always talking about. Then I spent the rest of the evening relaxing and working on my embroidery projects. I slept in this morning. My plans for the day are to fold a load of laundry and work on my projects. Dinner will probably be steaks on the grill
  • June 10, 2018 11:02 AM PDT
    Good Morning All, Angie what a mess, glad you were able to get back to your place and a bit of sanity. Good job on the classwork. Magsuk, cheer up sometimes we need a slower pace just to get through the boring weekends. September will be here soon enough.
    Got on my scales today and am down another 3 lbs. Now in the upper 160's but not the 170's as I was before. 18 and a half pounds to go before I hit my goal. Been years since I was there and hopefully will get there before the end of this year or at least by next spring. I have a thyroid condition so any weight takes forever to come off and stay off. Also I don't exactly eat the way I should or what I should. But I'll take whatever weight loss I can get, it's all good in the end. Chores today and gardening - more tomato plants to transplant and cukes to plant and seeds to start. Maybe a scooter ride later on. Sunny but a cool wind blowing as well. If the wind would die down it would be a lot warmer. No money so no spending today. Payday is next Friday so got to be careful until then.
    My recycling bin was missing again Friday night after I got home. Turns out next door this time scooped it up and thought it belonged with theirs. Honestly folks, there is my name on the outside of the bin for a reason. They don't look or read and just scoop up whatever is left on the grass verge. So both 2 houses down and 1 house down has done this now. I can't get home at lunchtime - the bin collection is not done till after I have left for work- and I get home around 5:30pm. I only put the bins out once a month and this time only put 1 bin out as I had condensed all the items put out for recycling. Don't know what the solution will be.
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    June 10, 2018 12:38 PM PDT
    Thanks, guys!! I am slowly getting back into my own somewhat "normal" routine. But I am still behind on my new class small group and team communication. I've informed my instructor of what all has transpired in the last 2 weeks and apologized for being behind. She told me to take the time I need to do my best work for week 1'a assignments.

    I texted my sister to see if there was any new news concerning mom. Dr. Wu did his rounds this morning, says the wound looks great. but most surgeons usually applaud their own work.. lol They are in the process of weaning mom off her Dilaudid pain meds. Depending on how that goes, mom will be transferred to the rehab hospital either tomorrow or Tuesday. Jen says mom's mood is better today than it was yesterday, which is a good thing...

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    June 10, 2018 1:47 PM PDT
    Sally- I have thyroid and other auto immune issues as well. Weight is an issue and eating well can be hard when you're so hungry and working and such...Our neighbor took our trash can and gave us a cracked one. Nice. We never said anything and still have it.

    Angie- Glad your mom is doing better.

    DS2 starts community college tomorrow and traffic should be ok as I don't expect a lot of Summer students. I'll drop him off and pick him up.

    Made dinner last night and there are leftovers so I'm not cooking today. I'll be home for lunchtime tonight.

    I'll try to make 2 pillows from DS2's fabric from his costume. I don't have a sewing machine so by hand will have to do.

    I wanted to take a weekend trip and told DH about it a couple months ago but got no response. With DS2 in college and us driving him, there are few weekends available, plus I have to request off of work. DH sent me an email on hotel prices at a particular place and wow. Very expensive on weekends. I said I'd pay for airfare and hotel and I would surmise that total for me is about $2000. Nope, not happening.
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    June 10, 2018 2:44 PM PDT
    Okay.... last night, during a break from my studies, I decided to attempt to clean my eyeglasses... steaming hot water is not enough to get them clean and streak free, so I decide to place a WalMart order: I got mostly household stuff, TP, paper towels, a vinyl tablecloth for my kitchen table, wipes for my glasses, antibacterial hand soap refill bottles(2), a box of envelopes, a tape dispenser, and a small garden flag holder. I also placed a $90 Prime pantry order, Walmart will not ship soda, and I need my diet Mt. Dew. Anyway, I got 2 packs of diet dew, an 8 pk of Powerade zero, a box of protein bars( soy free), 2 46oz. of Tide He laundry soap ($11.99 for 2), tortilla chips(for salsa and taco salads), and a few other items. I think by the end of this week, I might be able to get out to pick up some fresh produce: bananas, cuke, maters, and lettuce. I have plenty of meat, and my food pantry appointment is on the 22nd at 1:30

    Chicken tenders and baked potato for dinner tonight.

  • June 10, 2018 4:10 PM PDT
    Angie, you can clean your glasses with dish soap liquid detergent and hot water. So long as you use non paper products - cotton dish towel that has not had fabric softener used on it, then you'll get streak free cleaned glasses. paper products will scratch the lenses.
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    June 10, 2018 6:24 PM PDT
    only one real thing to report today and it's a great one: I napped and when I woke up, DH had cleared the dishrack and washed to other dishes!