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Wonderful Wednesday May 16 $$$ Stretching

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    May 16, 2018 6:32 AM PDT
    Good Wednesday to All. Anything Wonderful to report? Share your plans.
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    May 16, 2018 6:36 AM PDT
    Wonderful is the cooler weather - if you can call the low 80's cooler. Also wonderful is the rain starting yesterday afternoon and the several showers that will continue over the next few days. I cleaned out the rain barrels on Monday so wonderful is the 4 barrels full of nice relatively clean water.

    Money out yesterday to gas up the old Toyota, pick up DH's prescription, and get some PVC cement for a repair on the water pipes going into the greenhouse. After DH's chiropractor appointment we went to prayer at the church. My arm didn't look as bad as previously but I did explain that it was poison ivy and not the plague. No one minded.

    Also Wonderful is the little yellow box turtle I saw through the slats of the wooden walkway on the side of the house. I hope she isn't stuck there because we would have to take the boards apart to get her out and the wood might now survive the effort.

    Stretching by having leftovers for lunch. DH just got home from his chirop appointment so I will sign off now while the getting is good. Everyone have a wonderful and blessed day.
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    May 16, 2018 8:09 AM PDT
    I agree with your gdd mags lol hope all is well. saw on the news that there was storms eastern US.

    much cooler here too ...I like it maybe 70 and it rained a bit. ovaercast. everything open to cool the place down. because of the unseasonal heat the snow packs melting fast and there has been lots of flooding in the interior.

    no big plans today. sick kids still though ds will go to school. just got up. could have slept longer esp since it is cool and had taken a allergy pills last night. my pillows etc are in courtesy of dh but all a bit damp. house needs a straightening up. will go to moms group.

    dvds to watch from library today. express view so due back. sheets need changing on our bed. dh had said why bother before because he is just sweating into them. ds was looking for something to do yesterday so got him to scrub the side of the garage we didn't have access to before.

    no idea what is for dinner..will see what the weather is like later. if still cool will use the oven.

    my wonderful ...dh got a hold of the neighbour...they were talking metal fence so would be I want to see the neighbours yard. bad enough they have a huge balcony overlooking our yard. since fence line is in on our property can say no if they did that ..and they have built so tight can screw them up a bit if they insisted. we suggested that if they went to cedar fencing we would help put it in so saving money. they aren't really the handyman type but the savings are huge doing it our way. they don't know we are putting up privacy screens too. but if we had to put more up because of a open fence and would be on their property not ours. we don't want to be mean since they have had so many problems with that house and there is more to come. houses aren't built to last anymore and fences make good neighbours.
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    May 16, 2018 8:58 AM PDT
    Lisa - hope you enjoy DS2's graduation and what a relief that he got a scholarship. I seem to remember you doing a lot of encouraging in that regard!

    Martha - good thinking about the fence, hopefully with that and the screens you will have a nice, private space.

    After a dull morning it turned out to be a sunny afternoon with temps of about 65. One of the things English people are very bad at (and I include myself here) is the wearing of summer clothes. We just don't get that much practice! After a couple of sunny days, people wear shorts and flip flops even if it's 50 and raining. When you travel to Europe in the summer, the English stick out like sore thumbs. We are either milk white or tomato red.

    I had to take my car for its annual MOT test this morning. Every car over 3 years old has to have this test. Thank heavens the old faithful passed but it's still a layout of £50 to pay for the test itself.

    I bought petrol and a bottle of wine to have a couple of glasses this evening. Lunch was eggs and dinner will be smoked salmon with pasta.
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    May 16, 2018 9:25 AM PDT
    a little cooler but still pretty muggy here today, overcast with a chance of more rain later. Only money out today will be for my dentist appointment. I was quoted $280 for my crown not sure if this is the full price or if it's what is due today (half). Other than that, no money out is the plan. All meals/food from home as usual. My appt. isn't until 1:45, hope I can make it till I get home for lunch. lol, I imagine after I complete this crown, I'll need to schedule my cleaning, it's a little overdue. Found the recipe for homemade granola bars I'd printed off months ago. I may give those a go later today or tomorrow. I'm also going to hunt for a protein bar recipe as well. Time to get my crap together for reals... will check in after I get home. Have a great afternoon all!!


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    May 16, 2018 9:41 AM PDT
    Hope everyone is doing well today. Hard to believe we are already half done with the month of May. This year is really zipping along.

    Not a lot going on here today. Just the usual to-do list, and I will look over the new grocery ads for the week to see if there is anything we may be out of or need to stockpile on. The past couple of weeks’ ads have not been very good; but that’s great since I used a lot of things from the pantry and freezers for meals. And prices, of course, continue to go up on the regular. I guess the increase in fuel costs might be a factor in that.

    Lots of rain is in the forecast for my area through the remainder of this week and into next week. I echo LNBee about the temp back down in the 80s, but with the high humidity in my area, there is not much relief.

    No money should be spent today as I can determine. Supper will be ribs, zucchini, corn on the cob, and broccoli.

    Have a fantastic mid-week Wednesday.
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    May 16, 2018 10:52 AM PDT
    Another hot one here today--85 with heat index of 89. Possibility of more t-storms this evening but I think they will pass us by.
    I have a few dishes to put up from last night's supper. Tonight I will make beef tips with mushroom gravy over rice.
    I need to look over the ads. We need some canned corn and beans.
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    May 16, 2018 1:07 PM PDT
    Survived my dentist appointment. He's easy on the eyes- so that helps!! LOL, when the crown comes in they'll call and go back to get it placed. $280 out today. Will pay the other $280 when I go back. $560 is just a 1/4 of what the total cost is. so I am counting my blessing and thanking Tom for leaving me a little bit of money that I can afford to cover dental expenses that Medicaid won't cover. I didn't get a house( sister) or a condo( mom) or money for my kids' college tuition( my nephews), but I can invest in my health, and set some aside to leave my kids when I'm gone.

    Think I might have tuna and crackers for dinner again, to use up the rest of the tuna salad I made on Monday. I laid out a package of chicken tenders I might marinade them overnight and make the whole package tomorrow.

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    May 16, 2018 3:26 PM PDT
    Got a phone call from a friend who happens to have b/g twins in my kids' class. She was calling to give me the rundown on pre graduation activities. Friday evening is Senior recognition ceremony. She informed me of at least one scholarship my son has been awarded. And that he is planning to attend Ohio Northern University in northwestern Ohio. I am beyond thrilled for him!! Now to find a ride to the ceremony. ;-) No news on Sarah yet. :-(