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Surprise Saturday & Sunday Stretching 4/14-4/15

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    April 14, 2018 4:40 AM PDT
    How are you making the most of your money and resources?
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    April 14, 2018 4:51 AM PDT
    This weekend won't have a home day all at once here. This afternoon dd has a birthday party from 12-4. While I'm out taking her to that I'll attempt to run my errands. The Aldi's I normally shop at closed down for remodeling for the next 6 weeks. The nearest one is about 10 miles north of the one I've been going to. I'm also going to try to get the plumbing supplies so the bathroom can get started. I normally go to the Home Depot for those supplies, price wise Home Depot is the cheapest. BUT in February Chicfillet opened up in front of Home Depot and the traffic on the road going past them is still heavy. I have yet to try to get in the parking lot for Home Depot for all the people still flocking to Chicfillet.

    Supper is tbd I was thinking of beef stew but realized I'm out of fresh potatoes
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    April 14, 2018 7:07 AM PDT
    Good Weekend to All. Low of around 58 and possibly reaching 78. Pollen, pollen, pollen - need I say more.

    Surprise is the 8-1/2 hours I slept last night (thanks to an allergy tablet and being quite worn out). Of course that means a medicine head this morning. Other than cutting a nice batch of kale and putting the scraps in the compost bin, I will mostly stay in. Strong storms expected tomorrow afternoon so DH and I will secure things as much as possible and also move some of the plants in buckets to the covered deck.

    Having the fish sticks today along with potatoes and kale sautéed in olive oil and garlic. Hope this allergy attack wanes enough for me to get to church tomorrow.

    Everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend
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    April 14, 2018 10:00 AM PDT
    I have to go pick up a birthday gift for my great-niece today because her party is tomorrow. I have a load of laundry to do. DH is going to help our son in-law cut down a tree. We will take the wood from that tree and another tree to my mom's house tomorrow after the birthday party. She is out of wood for the fireplace. This will help until we can go up to our property to cut more for her. I am working on some cross stitch projects.
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    April 14, 2018 1:39 PM PDT
    Cloudy with rain and storms expected, not as warm but not cold or chilly. Going to take my mood disorders quiz here soon, and relax for awhile. not sure what dinner will be yet.. maybe a big salad- just something quick and easy. ;) no money out today or tomorrow is the plan. Same with my food and meals all from home as well.

    Found out yesterday that Judy is in the hospital. She fell down the stairs at the church on Sunday. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She hurt her neck not sure how severe it is. She sounded pretty upbeat on the phone. when she called me yesterday.

    Might call my mom a little bit later. I want and need to broach the subject of her possibly having a depressive disorder. It will be a very touchy thing to ring up with her.

    Will try to check in again later.

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    April 14, 2018 9:29 PM PDT
    well, the warm spell has snapped for now... the temp dropped 25-30 degrees in less than 2 hours. My heat kicked on for the first time since Thursday morning. I laid out, in the fridge, a 2+ pound package of ground beef. I think tomorrow I will brown it all and use it for my meals from my meal plan this week. Any that I don't use will be bagged and frozen for later use. I still have some other packs of ground beef and turkey in the freezer. I really do want to stick to my meal plan for the rest of the month. With Judy in the hospital, I may not make it to my food pantry appointment on Friday. She said Randy could drive me, but I'm not sure how comfortable I'd feel with that arrangement.

    Anyway, I have not messaged Tony sin Thursday and he's not contacted me. I got sucked into my Criminal Minds marathon again today. so the psych quiz will be taken tomorrow. Lol

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    April 14, 2018 10:02 PM PDT
    hope judy is ok. didn't rain here until tonight which was good for all the events happening around here. always when I am working. spring cherry blossom festival , parades etc.

    dh and ds took his mom out for lunch etc pulled dandelions they made tacos for dinner. dh got me some choc flowers. went to dollar store for some things like extra cat box scoop. did some grocery shopping milk creamo cheese, etc. they are having a case lot sale so will get stuff next week.

    froze some rice. leftover chili so they can eat that tomorrow.
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  • April 14, 2018 11:26 PM PDT
    Hi All, Daughter dropped off grandson at my work at 12.30pm and stayed for a few minutes. Her and hubby are having a weekend away at a spa resort up Island. She has a gift card and credit from other stays that expire in August of this year. Pretty much has to go soon otherwise she can't go in the hot tub as she gets further along in her pregnancy and she definitely can't go once baby is here(unless she took baby along) as she plans to breast feed and won't be able to leave baby. Anyway boss's wife met Hayden for the first time and he charmed her of course. We went to the bank and deposited my paycheque and then went to Dairy Queen for lunch. He wanted his own cheeseburger as he was so starving. He did eat it all but not all the french fries and also ate his ice cream sandwich all up too. He does have moments of being a typical boy and an empty stomach. Other times he can be picky one minute and not the next. We hit the grocery store afterwards and half of the shopping was items Nanna purchased for him. He got a green apple, 2 bananas, 2 fruit leathers, a mini bag of chocolate brownie flavoured gold fish crackers, 2 yogurt drinks, a pack of european wieners - though I eat these too, a 2litre carton of milk, a box of granola bars. Nanna had to get icing sugar and regular sugar as I had just finished the sugars that I purchased moving in here 5 years ago. Don't bake much or use sugar hardly at all and when I made the carrot cake the other week it used up the remainder of the bags that I had. Also got pears for me. Hayden is with me until 4.30pm tomorrow (Sunday) and I can guarantee he will eat the fruit and drink most of the milk, and the yogurt drinks. A dry day here too Martha until around 5pm when the rain started but it was nice to get a day without rain since it has rained most of the week. Youngest daughter had a wedding scheduled today so she worked today and will have Hayden from 4.30pm tomorrow till Monday afternoon when she will drive him back up to his parents house. He will miss kindergarten Monday but that should not be a problem, he knows more than most of the kids in his class anyway.
    Paid all the bills for the middle of the month pay cheque. I am left with $35 of the pay cheque till the end of the month pay cheque but don't require much else in the way of food. Car has been filled halfway up with gas. $30 does me almost 10 days of going to and from work. Stocked up on the essentials, toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, laundry detergent and softener, dishwasher tablets, dish washing up detergent. Only thing I forgot today was potato chips and fruit cups for work and I will get them after dropping Hayden off at Katrina's. Picked up $5 worth of lottery tickets and won $10 on one of them so made $5 profit straight away.. I did not put my glasses on and thought at first I had won all the prizes in the little box which would have been $128 and then realised no I had won $8 and also $2. Such a let down LOL. i rang my sister in Calgary to tell her I had won $128 and then had to say oh no it's $10., mis read the ticket. Thought it said win all and it said win8. Other part of the ticket won $2. Teach me to wear my reading glasses, she knows I am an idiot sister at times anyway and I just confirmed it. Ha Ha. Well time for a hour of reading before heading off to bed. Hoping he will at least sleep in till 7am. He has Lego to keep him occupied till I am ready to get up. Sally.
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    April 15, 2018 2:45 AM PDT
    Angie - sorry to hear about your friend.

    Sally - it sounds like you and your DGS have a great time together and it's good that your DD can enjoy a weekend away.

    It was a beautiful spring day yesterday so I was out and about for quite a few hours. I think I will find it a bit difficult adjusting to apartment living when the weather gets warmer - I won't miss all the work and expense associated with my former garden but I will miss just stepping outside with a coffee and the newspaper for half an hour. I have a couple of local parks but they are well used and not the place if you are looking for a bit of peace and quiet. Anyway I made up a sandwich lunch to take with me and when my errands were done, drove the short distance to a local water park with a lake and nature trails. I sat in the sunshine and enjoyed my picnic lunch. I need to start taking vitamin D tablets, which are recommended now as we get so little sunshine here in England.

    DD and family are coming for a weekend at the end of the month and so I bought 2 dresses, 2 t shirts and some pyjamas for DGD. She is 4 next month and is in the middle of a growth spurt.

    I paid all my bills this morning and planned out a budget for the next few weeks. Other than paying the framer for 3 pictures he is doing for me, I have now finished all the expenses on my flat. I have medical bills coming up and I have to pay for my new glasses, but other than that - fingers crossed - no big bills in the offing.

    It's grey and gloomy here today although in the mid 50's. I have no big plans for today other than to tackle the mountain of ironing that has built up. I'll find a film to watch while I do it.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
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    April 15, 2018 9:00 AM PDT
    mellow sunday here. going to work. hit with time of the month so blah too old for this. need to get more pads. always seem to be in the store every day for something lately.

    watching pvrd shows. dh will get dd from camp and drop off some avon stuff to his cousin. ds asleep. not sure of the plans today. dd tired probably and ds schoolwork.

    more the same weather wise overcast probably rain. swept the living room. need to drop guide stuff in the mail.
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    April 15, 2018 9:02 AM PDT
    I went shopping yesterday for my great-niece's birthday and I also bought the grandkids some summer clothes. Grandson has outgrown all of his shorts so that's what I bought him. Granddaughter got a couple of shorts and 2 rompers. Their parents have a lot of tuition bills to pay for DD going back to school so we helped out with kids clothes. The guys cut down the tree and loaded it into the bed of my truck so Mom will have a little firewood. It's a win/win situation for both of them. I am working on embroidering some kitchen towels.
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    April 15, 2018 11:10 AM PDT
    Angie I hope that Judy is ok and home soon.

    Sally it sounds like you had a blast with dgs.

    Yesterday while moving in some of the pipes for the new bathroom I either sprained or broke one of my fingers. I've taped it to another one and am now taking it easy for today. There was a thick coat of ice on the car this morning so going to church was out. Right now I'm trying to do laundry and am binge watching the hunger games

    DD has already announced left overs for supper.
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    April 15, 2018 3:48 PM PDT
    Hi all, been busy that's why not been on here in the last few days. Has been sunny and warm so did get some outside work done, pruning etc, dh mowed the grass. But today went to Dollar General got a few things so some spend its storming and temp is dropping. Hope all of you and yours doing good.

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    April 15, 2018 4:52 PM PDT
    very wet and gloomy Sunday here. flood warnings in Northeast Ohio as well as tornado warnings. My friend Don lives in that area. It has rained pretty much nonstop since about 2 am; not heavy rains just steady. Hasn't done much for my energy levels today...
    the good news? I got my quiz completed- got an 84% on it. I'm glad I got it done. Now I can get a head start on week 4's reading materials-schizophrenia anyone? Going to be an interesting week in psychology. Anyway; talked to my mom briefly this afternoon. She's in a lot of pain and apparently had a bleeding episode, and some breathing difficulties last Thursday. She was on Xeralto and got a nosebleed that would not stop for hours, She did finally call the squad but refused to be transported to the ER. Ugh!! I swear that woman is going to drive my sister and me crazy!! To let you know where her priorities are- after the EMTs packed her nose, she called my sister to see if she'd come over and roll her a couple of joints!! Really?!! I mean, the way I see it- if she wanted to kill herself, there are easier and far less painful ways of doing so. Not that I want that, but she smokes approximately an ounce of pot each week. She doesn't eat right if she eats at all, and she puts off her health care until it's too late to do any good( ex. her multiple amputations). I think she is dealing with any number of psychological issues or several that overlap. I'm leaning more towards persistent depressive disorder or major depressive disorder, but it could also be early onset /stage dementia or Alzheimer's. My sister jokes about her being bipolar. I might consider calling her Dr. and just leaving a message that I think the subject of serious depression needs to be considered and discussed. She sees her cardiovascular doctor Wednesday morning. I'll keep you posted as to what I decide to do.

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    April 15, 2018 8:05 PM PDT
    Hi all,

    Hope everyone is well this spring evening.

    We did our normal weekend errands, grocery and laundry. I had planned to plant flowers Saturday however we still had a chance for low temps last night, which didn't happen. Instead of yardwork, DH and I splurged and went to a sports bar to watch the Rangers/Astros game on Saturday with 2 other couples. We had a really good time. The flowers will have to wait til next weekend. I did some deep house cleaning today and it looks so nice. I have another trunk load of items for Goodwill. Will drop off on my lunch hour this week.

    The weather yesterday was windy in the 60's. Today was low 80's and very nice today. Supposed to be in the 90's the rest of the week. Still no rain in the forecast.

    Take care y'all.