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Friday the 13th $$$ Stretching 4/13/18

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    April 13, 2018 7:05 AM PDT
    Will today be a lucky one for you? Share your plans!
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    April 13, 2018 7:17 AM PDT
    Running errands today.... Mailing ebay sold items, taking DS2 to an elderly assisted home so he can volunteer there, picking up the Zaycon order....

    Will make chili with onion & mushrooms today to make it stretch.....

    We got sleet and snow and I hope the flowers continue to bloom. This time of year always snows and stops the growth of flowers and our lilacs.

    DS2 finished his costume and the back brace with the hooks and eyes was a brilliant idea to hold the cape on his back. Worked like a charm. The front of the brace has Velcro and I was able to get a wide medieval belt to cover it. We'll take the seamstress out for dinner. The process was a long one but DS2 is happy and will present it on May 1st.

    Map- I'm glad the pain has subsided and hope the other medical issues get worked out. I agree that spending $ on medical things is worth it.

    Angie- A bike is a great idea. I have my dad's stationary one and use it quite a bit. It comes in handy on bad weather days.
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    April 13, 2018 7:45 AM PDT
    As part of my plan to take myself in hand rather than wallow in self pity, I have made a hairdressing appointment for next week. I then decided it was time to get my eyebrows waxed as they are big, bushy and get to the stage where my efforts with the tweezers are not enough.

    So I went to the beauty salon I always go to and remarked that I am now getting quite a few grey hairs amongst the dark brown ones. It was suggested that they dye them and I thought - why not? I really need to take myself in hand and snap out of the doldrums. What a mistake! I now look as it two large and very dark caterpillars have taken up residence on my Face. Good job I have a sense of humour. It reminds me of that episode in the Waltons where Olivia cuts her hair and has a terrible perm. At least she could cover that up. I will just have to wait for the dye to fade or grow out. You'd think at my age I'd have more sense!
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    April 13, 2018 9:27 AM PDT
    Happy Friday to everyone! It is a gorgeous day here with sun and temp supposed to reach the 80s. I will run a few errands - the bank, pick up more milk and bread, Sam’s Club for a return, post office and drop off library items. I also plan to mow the front and side of the property. No laundry today, however, the other daily chores have been done. Money has been and will be spent since bills went out this morning, and I will spend to pick up the few essentials. Supper will be navy bean soup and a side salad. Have a fabulous Friday and a relaxing weekend.
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    April 13, 2018 10:32 AM PDT
    lol magsuk don't worry it is the new look big dark filled in brows. google you will see lots of young girls with big penciled in eyebrows. I always have had blk eyebrows even when I was a blonde younger. hair turned darker late 20s.

    bikes are a good idea. your ds costume sounds great. he can go to comic con or something with it.

    pouring rain here and suppose to all weekend. with all the spring fairs parades etc going on not a great thing. but I am working. forgot last night to get canned cat food so went to the library to drop off dvds due/get holds and hit walmart for dry, wet and treats so cats set. still early here. defrosted chili for dinner. we watched daddys home 2 last night funny.

    dd is going to camp for the weekend. kids activities etc ds has gotten himself grounded so lazy about schoolwork. so cancelled his friend coming over etc. so done. he has gone to teacher meeting so alone time for me. you moms can relate...feel like I should go away for a couple of weeks and then I will be appreciated.

    paperwork, etc to do. start on taxes. last load of laundry etc.
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    April 13, 2018 11:20 AM PDT
    It is a gloriously sunny and 76 here today. I'd call that pretty lucky. Floors are mopped.. =need to take a quiz for my psych class later or over the weekend. think I am going to slice up the sweet bell peppers before they go bad. Other than that no major plans for today. No money out, and all food/meals from home. All in all, not a bad Friday the 13th. *knock on wood* :-)

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    April 13, 2018 12:22 PM PDT
    Happy Friday the Thirteenth. Sunny, windy, and going up to around 80.

    Prayers for everyone's needs and concerns.

    Wednesday I got tired of the dangerous pile of stuff on the floor of the master bedroom closet (95% of it from DH by the way) and removed it all in an attempt to straighten out the piles. Big mistake - since then I removed all the clothing, stuff on shelves, etc. and completely washed down everything. Then of course the bathroom looked dingy so cleaned that from top to bottom. Then the other bathroom. And then the hallway including doors, trim, light fixtures, etc. Finished that this morning. Can anyone say tired?

    Also 2 loads of laundry today - had to use the dryer because of the pollen. Harvested more Romaine lettuce and a few radishes - we had salads for lunch adding tuna in pouches and cheese chunks.

    Lucky - DH noticed what looked like a toy box by the curb at a down the street neighbor's place (trash pickup day). He brought it home with the help of our next door neighbor. turned out to be a Lane cedar chest - top cushion and bottom legs and trim in terrible shape - so bad the trash pickers didn't want it - but the inside perfect. Cushion and bottom legs/trim have been removed. DH has a roll of leftover veneer he will put on the top. We'll purchase some small rollers rather than try to rebuild the bottom and trim, That shouldn't cost very much. Chest will go on the floor of the master bedroom closet for now and hold a lot of DH's stuff.

    Everyone have a wonderful Friday.
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    April 13, 2018 1:04 PM PDT
    A couple inches of snow this morning and mostly overcast today. It hasn't been a great day. Companies should never push down software updates on Friday the 13th. Work laptop was down for a while because of them. It's been a back up the dump truck to dump it on me kind of day. At least on one occasion my teflon suit held up (it didn't get dumped on me). Will mail the taxes today, along with accompanying check. At least we don't owe as much as last year. Chicken for dinner tonight. We used the brats last night and DH finished them for lunch. I hope everyone has a great day. Jill
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    April 13, 2018 1:48 PM PDT
    Sunny beautiful day here, 64 but wth a winter storm warning for the weekend. Will it never end? I was going to plant peas but iwll wait til first of next week.

    Dinner is chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. I need to find another veggie to add to the meal.

    Tomorrow is Pine Wood Derby at church, Grandkids in it so I will have to go.

    I hope to run to Hannafords after dinner. I need splenda, ice cream and English muffins.

    I had a school child two mornings this week and made $20. Happy for the extra cash. This may be an on going thing. I hope so. It would be a couple of full days for summer. She is 11, I know her and family. Sweet easy kid.

    Hope everyone is going to have a wonderful weekend.

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    April 13, 2018 7:13 PM PDT
    Hey Everyone....Have to reset the household gotta Stretch the food stuff as well (as in use from freezer/pantry first my freezer is super full)

    DD (26) just got her driver's license :o) she had no desire to driver but we (family work different schedules and very hard to pic her up at night from work) got her first car (got a good loan deal but still extra $$ out of the house budget...but not by too much only $200 month for insurance as the car payment was the same as she was paying a Uber driver to drop her off at work 5 days a week..

    So we should be ok for a few weeks then the budget gets even TIGHTER....because my car is on it's last leg & I need to get a newer one before the End of May as my tags renew then ...but my ac/heat is out this past winter cost of various other repairs is over $5, in AZ you need AC From April to then End of OCT....

    So this weekend is major meal planning....( no more winging it menu's or subway LOL)

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    April 13, 2018 8:49 PM PDT
    Jaya- DS2 refuses to drive. Seems to be the norm. DH tells him to learn so he has a govt id. I don't think he needs to be rushed. My BFF hasn't driven in 30+ years and lives in NY and takes public transportation. It's good to learn just in case, tho. Sorry about the repair bills. Everything made of metal (cars, tv, vcr, appliances) seems to be so expensive to repair or replace.

    Babs- I hope the babysitting does turn into a nice side job for you.

    LNBee- I was reading all of the cleaning you did and that was an all day affair. Wow. What a great find your DH brought home.

    Ran the errands and DH claims he doesn't like beans or chili. But he had 2 bowls of my chili tonight and pork & beans the other day. Go figure.
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    April 14, 2018 8:44 AM PDT
    LisaYarosh said: ''Jaya- DS2 refuses to drive. Seems to be the norm. DH tells him to learn so he has a govt id. I don't think he needs to be rushed. My BFF hasn't driven in 30+ years and lives in NY and takes public transportation. It's good to learn just in case, tho. Sorry about the repair bills. Everything made of metal (cars, tv, vcr, appliances) seems to be so expensive to repair or replace.

    Buses In Phoenix/Peoria/Sun City tend to be not the route my DD takes runs once an hour & every other bus goes west (where she needs too go) so it could be 2 hours for a bus to go 2 miles down the road also they don't start early enough if she works say 6 am.....and stop running early as well like 6-8 pm so if she worked to 10 PM still us driving ....(she can't walk to work or ride a bike due to foot disability and she is very unbalanced on a bike so rides from family or uber was the only options except for driving...:O) it took lots of pushing & pretty much force to get her to do it but you know what she is excited to drive to work her first time she has not stopped talking about it :O) so tomorrow is the big drive to and from work day LOL.....& in the dark LOL

    As for the repairs for my piece of junk it is better for us to get a newer car then try & fix all the repairs which would last longer (plus) I don't have $5,000 at one time LOL