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How I Saved Money This Past Week....

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    October 9, 2017 12:16 AM PDT
    I'm bringing back a topic from the old forum that I've also seen on other blogs...How did you save $ in the past week?

    For me, I only buy gas about once a month and spend roughly $25. I took a job very close to home.
    I hand wash my woolens so they don't shrink much and do not use a dry cleaner anymore.
    I cut my own hair. DH cuts the back and I do the front.
    I have reused my old towels for the cars. I wash the cars with them and also use them as tarps.
    I get my contacts from Costco for $3 per lens.
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    October 9, 2017 5:17 AM PDT
    With DD moved out we will save a ton. Less of everything. I have been turning lights off just to see how low our light bill will go. I know it will be cut in half (past experience) but I am wondering if we can get it down further.
    I did not do well with groceries and over bought but there should be very little needed for the next few weeks.
    We ate out but we had take out. I resisted my husbands urge to go and spend at a more expensive restaurant that we like.
    DH always cuts his own hair. I just go in and trim up what he misses.
    I did not buy the $35 basket of mums I saw at the orchard. I did not buy new carpeting until we look around a bit to compare prices and quality. I did not buy a large 10 X 14 wool area rug (that I fell in love with) that needs to sent out for cleaning. Instead I will buy a stain resistant synthetic that I can clean myself.
    I used up a few things in my fridge for stuffed peppers. A bit of cottage cheese, a couple of ounces of sharp cheddar. and 1/4 of a cup of spinach.

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    October 9, 2017 8:43 AM PDT
    mmm not a frugal week but got gifts at michaels with 50% off coupons, buy one get second 50% off shirts for dh bday. sales on the ice cream and sausages.

    did not resist shopping for yarn in the states lol but cheaper there then anywhere else. small ways of savings with getting a movie coupon from costco instead paying full price at theater with the popcorn etc. at least $20.
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    October 9, 2017 9:28 AM PDT
    Lisa, glad you bumped this one up. Trying to stay frugal but it often feels like a losing battle. This week will be a lot of money out for replacement household items - a bath rug because the backing on the other one shredded to the point that the rug is a slip and fall hazard. A new pillow for the guest room because DH decided to take one of the pillows and make it a foot rest - uh, not using that one again. Also need two new bath towels and washcloths and a new set of Queen size sheets. We only have 2 sets of Queen sheets and those are pretty old. Trying to save money by purchasing the pillow and rug at Wallymart for a pretty low price - they appear to be good quality and made in the USA. Will look for the other items at Costco. Also will buy wine and cheese at Costco for when our guests come this weekend. So spending money but trying to do so as frugally as possible.

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    October 9, 2017 10:20 AM PDT
    I buy my gas at Costco and use my card to get 3% back at the end of the year. I used my apps on my phone to get money back on things that I normally buy. I bought jeans on sale at kohl's used Kohls cash, rewards bucks got free shipping and received 2.5% back using my Ibotta app. I buy pantry staples in bulk and bought meat at Zaycon foods to save money. I grow some of my own vegetables and herbs. I get some fruits from my parents and we give them free firewood. I make my own laundry soap and we recycle cans and bottles. We do potluck with our BFF'S. DH does all of the household repairs and maintenance.
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    October 11, 2017 12:19 AM PDT
    There were a few other things that I remembered this past week that was frugal.......DH repaired the tub faucet but in the process, broke the handle off. We ended up calling the manufacturer (Delta) and who knew that it had a lifetime warranty?! They shipped out a replacement for free.

    When I need to make a purchase, I usually check ebay. The prices are usually half the price of stores. They have a program where you gain some money on every purchase called ebay bucks...I got an email stating how much money I have and treated myself to a free flower hair comb.

    My old vacuum that was in the garage finally didn't work properly. We used it to vacuum the cars. DS1 has a hand held vac that he doesn't use and said I could have it. Cool.
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    October 11, 2017 6:20 AM PDT
    I bought all new filters for my vacuum cleaners off of Amazon thru my Ibotta app and got money back for using Ibotta. DH will replace all of the filters and clean the vacuum cleaners so that they keep on working properly. Instead of buying a new vacuum when the lock to keep the handle in the upright position broke DH put a little wood chip in there , when we need to lower the handle we take the wood chip out. It saved us a couple hundred dollars and works fine.
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    October 11, 2017 6:23 AM PDT
    Lisa just by getting that new handle for free you saved between $25 to $40 dollars! Those handles are expensive!
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    October 11, 2017 9:10 AM PDT
    I saved on our dinner for 14 on Sunday by using from a giant can of dried refried beans from Honeyville and making burritos. I bought a smaller bag of Mexican cheese and combined it with some cheddar I had. I made a gallon of sweet tea using some instant I had in the cupboard and only served the gallon of milk with homemade peanut butter cake. I bought some ice cream on sale. I bought a shampoo bar and got free shipping. It will last a long time. I am turning the heat way down during the day when it is just me at home. I am using up bags of pretzels I got this summer in lunch boxes and for snacks. I am using some powdered laundry soap and it is stretching further than I thought. I had brought a jar of peanut butter to work and we have free packs of saltines (expired) in the break room. Last night I had a mac and cheese cup that my kids don't like for dinner, crackers and pb, and some tea I encouraged a friend to bring in! She said her husband buys tea every week, they don't use that much. I forgot my charger while out last week, my daughter has it. Instead of buying another we are rotating charger use. I found a new mail order company for food and dry goods, it is whole food quality for $3 an item. It is called brandless, in my city. I am sure it is Amazon's whole food items. I have 35 items in my cart, waiting until payday to buy on Friday. I am stocking on items like tp, spaghetti sauce, herbal tea. Thanks for reminding us of this topic.
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    October 11, 2017 9:53 AM PDT
    Yes, loving this topic. I posted what I had done this week because for the life of me I can't remember what I did last week, lol.
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    October 13, 2017 8:49 AM PDT
    Tracy-cI looked at Brandless online and a lot of things are organic. Prices are good on many items. Thanks for the tip!

    Riley- Yes, these handles are expensive. We purchased them before and had no idea we had lifetime warranties.

    DS2 is visiting a college today and luckily, parking will be validated. Free is always good!

    Our Kroger has a Friday free item- M&M's.So we'll get a pack for free.

    Went to eye dr. My insurance allows $240 to spend every 2 years. So exam and box of contacts was free.
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    October 13, 2017 4:35 PM PDT
    Lisa~I started a similar thread on another forum are you a member on

    Washed clothes in cold water, homemade detergent, homemade fabric softener then line dried.

    Refilled a recycled Dawn Foam dish soap container with homemade version.

    Made e-mobile deposit instead of a trip to the bank saving gas.

    Paid bills buying stamps or envies.

    Made apple cider vinegar using the peels and cores from free apples my son and I picked from a wild apple tree.

    Dehydrated apple rings from the said free apples.

    Made habanero hot sauce from freshly picked habanero's from my garden.

    Instead of buying takeout pizza I took dough that I had premade from the freezer, pepperoni that I had bought in bulk put into 1-cup individual freezer baggies pulled from the freezer, mozzarella cheese I bought on sale, and used the pizza machine saving at least $30.

    Dehydrated fresh herbs from my garden.

    Used our DR to pick up the leaves from our 2-acre lawn.

    Cleaned my own house..never had paid someone to clean my house.

    We all cut our own hair..

    Made homemade bread.

    Made homemade pumpkin bread with pumpkin spice frosting...made apple hand pies from the free apples and homemade dough for our dessert's this week.

    Bought pork butt for .79lb cut it up into chunks then into quart size freezer bags that we will grind up and make our own sausage.

    Used all leftovers (this is new to us as of a few months ago...however any leftovers before that went to our chickens so no waste.

    Saved seed from the zinnia's, calendula and pole beans so far.

    Today, I went grocery shopping spending $231 and saving $350...unbelievable deals as I know my prices...I bought (10) Scotts 20-pack TP years supply not to mention what I already have put up ..4-hellmans mayo..4lbs butter...16lbs sugar..(10) 8-packs of Duracell batteries....(2)- bottom round roast 12lbs in total...(2)- Purdue oven roasters 19lbs in total...4lbs of bacon...4lbs mozzarella cheese...3-boxes of cereal...4-Philadelphia cream cheese..6-Kleenex tissues...So darn happy over these bargains!

    Picked 2-quarts of raspberries off our bushes.

    All food from home this week.

    Made apple butter from the said free apples and canned it.

    Made homemade rotisserie seasoning mostly herbs that I grew and dehydrated..

    Made infused rosemary garlic olive oil..the garlic is homegrown, olive oil was bought for 1/2 price and the rosemary plant was free from a friend.

    I know there is more that I will remember later...I do so much stuff that saves us money daily, weekly, monthly and yearly that it just comes naturally.. Sorry it's so all over the place.. I was posting as it came to mind.

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    October 13, 2017 5:01 PM PDT
    Mythreesons- I just looked at frugal village and that is a HUGE forum! Wow. I'm not sure where everyone will go when this forum is closed, but I think it would be a good option for us! Those free apples were put to good use and your recipes made me drool.
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    October 13, 2017 5:04 PM PDT
    I knew there would be more I forgot to

    My son has been getting us free cows milk from a friends love love real untainted full fat cows family owned a couple farms so I grew up on real cows milk until my family sold off the cows when they couldn't make a living off of it like so many dairy farms in my area have done.

    My uncle owns a dumpster business so we don't pay to get rid of our garbage..very blessed in deed!

    My homemade pumpkin bread required cake flour..I don't have nor keep cake flour on hand so I made a copycat using flour and corn starch.

    Needed bread flour for my homemade bread..I don't buy it I make my own by mixing flour and vital wheat which my store had on clearence years ago and I bought every box they had.

    Also ran out of brown sugar..something that never happens but my oldest son the chef has a tendency to not tell me when we are low on something or has used it all I made homemade brown sugar for the first time and will never buy store bought again.
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    October 13, 2017 5:20 PM PDT
    LisaYarosh said: ''Mythreesons- I just looked at frugal village and that is a HUGE forum! Wow. I'm not sure where everyone will go when this forum is closed, but I think it would be a good option for us! Those free apples were put to good use and your recipes made me drool.''

    Lisa~ I've been a member of frugal village for over's a wonderful forum, friendly and very caring people,no swearing EVER, no one really judges you either. They are my cyber family that I trust 100%. I would love to see you all go there you all will feel very comfortable.

    I learned about wild apple trees from a youtuber that mentioned she and her son saw them on the side of the road one day and how they picked them and preserved them..the thought never crossed my mind come to find out we have wild apple trees all over the place...I honestly can say I never paid attention until watching that I know where every visible wild apple tree within a 10-mile radius to my house is along with wild asparagus, wild grapes, blackberries, mulberries, black walnut and elderberry trees.

    Thanks for the compliment on my desserts..I can't take credit for any of it it all came from watching youtuber's...the pumpkin bread one came from Kiwanna's kitchen and apple hand pie was from foodwishes if you want to check them out.
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    October 13, 2017 6:36 PM PDT
    that may be good idea. my three sons wow! I can't remember that much. sounds yummy and good deals.

    really saved by being home a couple of days not going into stores. sent ds out for milk. ordered my coffee from amazon. cheapest there for the kcups. using up stuff at home though some expired got rid of.

    dvds from the library so free entertainment. decluttered and blessing others.

    dh is handy so has fixed some things in the house minor things but saves money just buying parts.

    always clean my own house..had more energy then I thought this week and did more spring cleaning style stuff.

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    October 14, 2017 9:05 AM PDT
    Yesterday I went shopping for clothes for the grandkids since they are both growing like weeds. I bought granddaughter's clothes at Walmart because she needed sweatpants and sweatshirts. They were $3.88 each. I bought all of grandson's long sleeve t-shirts there also. I went to Payless shoes to get grandson some boots and had sticker shock after I saw the price of their boots. I got 2 pair of boots at Walmart for what Payless wanted for 1 pair. I went to Target for grandson's jeans since he needs the adjustable waist. I got both pair on sale. Then I went to Costco and bought pajamas for both kids. The pajamas were on special. Now the grandkids are good for the winter. These clothes will be passed down to their cousins when they outgrow them. My daughter got a king sized bed and gave DS her queen size bed. She cleaned out her linen closet and gave him all of the sheets now I don't need to buy any more for his bed. That saved me a lot of money. My BFF'S sister is giving me a bunch of flannel shirts that she doesn't wear so that will save me a bunch of money. I live in flannel shirts all of fall and winter.
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    October 14, 2017 7:45 PM PDT
    I made $38 from sales this week and the consignment store. Got rid of our landline but increased our internet speed, so its a wash. Went to the bent n dent and spent $96 on five boxes of groceries. dh and i went out to eat twice while he was home, used survey coupons for buy one get one free. Been chilly enough to run the woodstove at least once aday, so I've been cooking on it, heating my teakettle, and hanging my laundry to dry in the stoveroom. Its been too cold and wet to hang on the line outside. Gas prices took a jump, I used some cheaply bought gasoline from our farm tank this week to fill my car. Spent $5 at a yard sale on canning jars. I baked four loaves of sourdough bread this week.
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    October 14, 2017 7:47 PM PDT
    mythreesons2014...if you add epsom salts to your homemade detergent you dont need to add the homemade fabric softner too.
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    October 14, 2017 9:14 PM PDT
    Today I went thru ebates to order boat seats from Bass PRO that were on sale for $48 dollars each. I got free shipping since the sale was over 35 bucks, plus I got 3.5% back for using ebates. I paid using PayPal that I have my Ibotta earnings deposited into. I payed a total of $40 out of pocket.
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    October 16, 2017 7:16 AM PDT
    Aah, another week. Y'all probably know that I had to do a lot of shopping last week. I tried to stretch that cash as much as possible by doing a lot of comparison shopping. Some things I paid more for but they are better quality and should last a lot longer. Also saved money by using cash for the shopping - it kept me from adding a few impulse items to the cart that aren't really needed.

    Saved money on the water bill by using water from the rain barrels to hand water the gardens. Opened the windows whenever the temps were cool enough. Probably more things but that is all I can think of at the moment.
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  • October 16, 2017 9:26 PM PDT
    Saved money by using a coupon for my lunch out on Sunday. Got a new phone tonight on gift cards from the Cellphone place in Costco. the $125 of gift cards renewed my Costco membership, paid for the phone, a box of grapefruit segments in juice, a packet of ribs in BBQ sauce, a three pack of Philly cream cheese.. Save money by using my points card on Cathy's purchases at Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday, it gave me over the amount to get $30 worth of purchases free from Shoppers. I will use that on the weekend to buy $30 worth of groceries for free. Saved money by buying the ground beef at Thrifty Foods 50% off the price of it, also the boneless skinless chicken thighs were on 50% off too. Cathy gave me a huge garbage bag of her empty bottles and cans for me to recycle. She does not drive and I drive her to get groceries and socialize with her. She also sometimes gives me gas money and I got $20 from her yesterday to replenish the gas used. on our shopping/lunch date. Sally.
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    October 17, 2017 10:20 AM PDT
    saved by shopping sales and 50% off items at the grocery stores.

    by using the library for entertainment and educational items for ds and guides.

    by using pantry items for dh bday dinner and using the leftovers up for dinner.

    staying home and out of stores!
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    October 18, 2017 11:29 AM PDT
    I've saved $$ this past week by not spending- not being able to drive helps A LOT lol Don't get me wrong, I really do NEED to get to the store soon for groceries, and other household goods. ALL my food and meals have been from home and when I have had pizza delivered, i've gotten at least 3 meals out of it!! I do try to order the largest pizza I can afford at the time so I can get several meal/snacks from it.

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    October 18, 2017 1:11 PM PDT
    I ordered 3 Christmas gifts earlier and qualified for a free comforter and pillow that will be another gift. I had to wait to see if it was nice enough to give away and it is almost tempting to keep it for myself, it is so nice.
    That saves me $50 for that gift.