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    August 4, 2014 4:55 AM PDT

    I miss being near a Dollar Tree that has a real food section with a good supply, bread and cold goods.


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    August 16, 2014 2:22 PM PDT

    I am going to buy some little flashlights for camping.

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    September 2, 2014 10:18 AM PDT

    We just got a new Dollar Tree. There was one here that closed about two years ago. This one is larger, has frozen food. Takes food stamps which will give them a lot of business. I havent had time to go check it out. But a friend told me they have small jars of Dukes Mayo. DS #2 said everyone would be getting then in their stockings for Christmas. We all laughed as Dukes is the one thing they all miss from NC. Babs

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    September 2, 2014 1:21 PM PDT

    babs I know that what you mean about dukes our family Dollar closed last month Dh got thoe extra big size of Dukes he got all they had Daddy would come for major holidays and he took home Dukes he had 5 jars in the house step Mother wanted to throw them away I brought them home .. my sons wanted it when the where in the desert after they left got a call from the colonel wife I sent Dukes and they are from CA. but he fell in love with it if you cant find them I would be glad to help ..   am both amazed and puzzled at them opening in a store in this time..

    I found a package in my room with those pull on caps I brought 15 at the  FAMILY DOLLAR went it was closing sent with ds today he said you think the winter going to be bad . I do we got another batch of winter gear at the store Laney dug in the boxes board said we could sell them for $5.00 a piece she found coat for baby sam and the other little kids she paid me it was such a blessing found a jacket for Mike and a cute cap for aunt  and found DD SARAH a sweet jacket she love it DH went thru and found 3 of those long outfit jacket pants and a cap he brought them a couple of people came who I left message for them and got 4 jackets each one lady brought he kids to the store the found jackets and got each of them new  boots she said her dh is looking for a job DH said tell hm to call me he said I have about 20 Christmas stands he said and I pay $ weekly he said am opening for the weekend in November and then I am opening daily until Christmas if he doesn't find something he came  to talk to dh he going to hire for a couple of things he is a very nice person Dh said if you can give to the church still come we gave and he is so moved he almost cried he was with Stanley for 30 years and it all gone he did manage to move his 401k in time but the plenty is stiff he said we moved in to her folks place he said it paid for but we are two month behind he said we lost phone and tv this month he said we live about a block from the library we get one of them but the player died  we gave him one he is ashamed to ask for help...  I got the phone on for them and Frank filled up the car and took him to met Tomas he said I know them he said you can be here tomorrow morning I taking my crew for a look see he said but I have a job for today if you interest a heater in a cabin just wont work he called a bit ago he said we  got the heater done he said and I fixed the lady air conditioner froze up he said and she needs her kitchen sink he said got a major leak he said need to replace the unit and the piping he said Tomas wants me to work on the places for a couple days he said baptizing with fire he said good to be working he said Tomas said talk to you about the sink he said felt good to be useful again he said you know that new trailer isn't connect to anything he said we need to run the lights line and you got sewer or are you on a tank he said I can do that he said still got my tools was about to sell them he said glad I didn't he said I can do lights ,and generally any house problem he said so what you want me to do he said she runs the dishwasher he said and the sink floods he said I run so it goes right into the pipe he said no problem he going to work out we need to get someone for pluming all the time and he know his stuff dh is thrilled he may be the guy we need for our hud stuff .

    DH is hoping he works out he paid him today he said will you call Kitty at Dss  I already did their file is on a lady desk who out with DH who had a stoke she pulled it and said they didn't move it working on it file


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    September 9, 2014 7:53 AM PDT

    I was at our Dollar Tree last week and I saw a lot of interesting name-brand grocery items: Duke's mayonnaise, Rinaldi pizza & pasta sauces, and what looked like some closeout items - Marie Callendar and "Larry the Cable Guy" brand bread & muffin mixes. I always love to browse the grocery section if I have time, because there is always something new.

    I forgot that my husband always buys super glue & contact cement at the dollar store.

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    September 14, 2014 10:28 AM PDT
    Picked up a pkg of frozen broccoli from Dollar Tree recently as a trial item. It was as good as the brand I have been getting at the grocery store and much cheaper for the same size pkg. I get Michelini frozen entrees there for occasional quick lunches. Not bad for $1.

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    September 16, 2014 6:39 AM PDT

    I bought two little Duke's mayo as you guys rave about it, I bought two two pound jars of grape jelly, I bought two small tylenol for the kids to have at college or in their bags, I bought cough drops for oldest dd as she has a cold, I bought candy for 15 yo dd as I ate a bunch of hers, I bought a box of 45 sandwich bags, and two tubes of toothpaste. I also got some dish soap.

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    September 18, 2014 2:48 PM PDT

    Tracy, we got a couple of jars of jelly too, but smaller ones.  DH likes the orange marmalade.

     Recently bought a couple of full-sized boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats cereal.  (good thing, they sell out quickly).  Also bought a couple of packages of potstickers.  Wasn't sure how they'd taste, but they were pretty good. 

    Has anyone tried the Awesome dish soap?  That's a pretty big bottle for $1.

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    June 19, 2017 6:19 AM PDT
    I just bought some parchment paper at my local Dollar Tree yesterday. So many things I never think to buy there.

    I was going to buy some hydrogen peroxide there, but I looked up the price at Walmart & it's less at Walmart, so I'll buy it there.
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    June 22, 2017 11:56 PM PDT

    I found a Confirmation card at my local dollar store. COOL. It was only 50 cents!

    I just ordered from a new online dollar store called HOLLAR. The first order is free and then you have to spend $25 to get free shipping. I got air fresheners. bathroom soap, curtain liner, batteries, etc..The foods are very limited but they have razors and other things for $1 or $2.

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    June 25, 2017 8:19 AM PDT

    awesome.  our dollar stores are now 1.25 stores. since exchange rate is bad for us. happened years ago.  got canada day decorations for the block party,  wheel cover for steering wheel, compost bin and more.  like shopping there you can go nuts and spend a little. 

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    June 28, 2017 9:56 AM PDT

    Luckee, that is interesting!  

    I found pickles, and they are fine, and bought more hair ties. Where do they go? 

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    July 25, 2017 1:03 PM PDT

    I like regular sponges, not the ones with the scrubby attached.  I checked a few times at the dollar store, but they always were the scrubbing ones.  Well I finally found some plain old sponges at my local dollar store, and they were actually 6 packs, not 4 packs.  I bought a couple of them.  Much less expensive than the Cello brand. 


    I just wish I'd have stocked up and bought several more of them.   The last time I was at the dollar store, they didn't have them.  :(


    I guess I'll keep checking, and if I'm near a different dollar store than the one I usually frequent, I'll make a point of checking there too.  Even stores within the same chain have different items. 

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    July 25, 2017 6:28 PM PDT

    The dollar stores here sell cards for 50 cents so I buy them for bdays, holidays, etc. Way cheaper than Hallmark!

    I like to get socks, certain food items and holiday bags/wrap! Last Christmas, I got the kids clothing and comic books and got huge holiday bags for a dollar. It worked out great.

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    September 28, 2017 2:05 PM PDT
    I was at a different location of my local dollar store chain (Dollar Tree - everything is a dollar) and they had the bonus 3-packs of the plain sponges. They were mixed in with the 2-packs, but I dug around and found 4 packages of them to buy. The Cello brand 6-pack sells for $2.98 at Walmart.

    I'd never been to the local "Dollar and More" store before, but a couple weeks ago I finally went in. I found a covered ice cube tray for $1.49. I'd been specifically interested in buying one for work to keep in the community fridge on my floor. I don't want to use the "community" ice cubes and I don't want people using my "personal" ice cube tray, so I fill my tray and put it inside an opaque plastic bag with my name on it. But the uncovered tray would always spill a bit when I was putting it into the plastic bag, and also as I put it in the freezer. The covered tray is the perfect solution. Happy I didn't end up buying it online where they were more expensive.
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    August 1, 2018 9:35 AM PDT
    always hit the dollar store for bday cards craft items and holiday decor plus odds and ends like headphones