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    May 8, 2018 3:11 PM PDT
    Well, I probably shouldn't have bothered, but I went on a "what lived" tour of the property and checked on the tree/berry/shrub starts that I've got going as well as some of the perennial garden plants.

    I had lost several things to rodents that ate off the roots below ground (jerks). So, I made a list and an appointment with my dealers...(I have an addiction to planting these things). I spend 93$ on replacements. I'm not replacing everything and switched some things, like fragile hybrid berries, for things that survived, like thorny heritage breed berries. a few more black cap (black raspberry) starts and more gooseberries. Those survived without fencing. I guess the deer don't like getting their little noses stabbed. And i do like thorny things.

    The plant people also like thorny things. I told them that the horse chestnuts had croaked or looked poorly anyway and they gave me a new one to try for free. It's nearly 6 feet tall.

    I got some lovage, ginger mint, and soap wort for the raised bed that is finally ready up by the shed. I also have a few hops that I might put in a large container I got at the recycling center.

    There are some more trees and willows in the mix too.

    oh! And hardy kiwi and a single grape vine start just to see if those will work here.

    The plants up by the pond didn't do that well so I got a couple of siberian peas to try up there (with fencing like the dead ones) and a black locust to put down by the creek in hopes of future fire wood or stakes for plants and to feed the bees. We'll see if that takes.

    There is more but I think you get the idea...I got lots of stuff and I'm over excited about it.
    I'm not replacing all the losses, just some of them.

    Some things are doing really well. A barberry (i think thats the name) and the quince are starting to sucker. I hope they fruit this year. The american plums are leafing out. The crab pear too. Black berries are struggling but seem alive. Black caps are doing well. Gooseberries doing well as are aronia berries. One blueberry looks good, one OK and one...probably dead.

    • 1204 posts
    May 18, 2018 2:27 PM PDT
    I heard from the new engineer today without prompting him! Yeay! He asked questions about the foundation so he must be working on my stuff.