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  • Mon at 6:23 AM
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    Here we go! Time for that dash to the holidays and end of another year. Probably the 4 busiest weeks that any of us will have this year. I had an idea that I wanted to share with you. Instead of New Year's resolutions, what would happen if we made Thanksgiving resolutions? For instance, what if I ...
  •   contributed by Diana   Love the list of things to do with teens. I have two daughters, ages 14 and 15. My parents live with us as well. They enjoy going to the girls' sports activities and music recitals. If the grandkids are coming to visit, you should look at for ide...
  • November 20
    Posted by TDS Review
    Grocery stores do what they can to make us buy more than we intend; that's a fact of a free market. We have a choice, though. We can be manipulated by their tactics or we can be empowered by our own logic. Simple choice, right?   Who wants to be manipulated? No hands?   Okay, here's wh...
  •   by Steve Rhode, Get Out of Debt Guy   Steve, Help! My student loans are about to send me into financial ruin. In 1991 I took out a $12,000 loan to achieve a two-year degree in Electronic Engineering. The school I inquired with lied to me and told me that I could get a very low in...
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