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  • lol retired had cake for one from local bakery th...  more
  • Ingredients:
    2 cups old-fashioned oats
    1 Tbsp pumpkin pie spice
    ...  more
  • BFF and I  sent our husbands camping for the weekend so we ...  more
  • In the low 60s and threatening rain here.  I did 2 loads of...  more
  • ne more checkbook to reconcile and 2 more bills to write out and...  more

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  • Wed at 1:29 PM
    Posted by TDS Guest Blogger
      contributed by Van in AL   As I was eating my apple ham sandwich today, I thought of all of the frugal things I had done in the last week. Maybe you can see yourself in some of these actions. For starters, I ate at my desk all four work days. On day one, I heated a can of soup in my c...
  • Wed at 11:10 AM
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    Always something interesting in my inbox. Found a site created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau dedicated to educating consumer about auto loans. "Whether you’re a first time borrower or a pro, getting an auto loan can be complicated. Learn how to prepare so you can save money, redu...
  • by Rachael Everly   Copyright-free image:   For new graduates, working in the public sector can be a great way to gain valuable experience. It's also an easy way to work towards student debt forgiveness. With new estima...
  •   by Camille Cabrera        At every point in life, budgeting is very important and so is staying connected with peers. It felt like the more I avoided using apps the more difficult it was to stay connected with everyone. When going from place to place, group payments wer...

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