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  • So I took the leftover rotini and meatballs I had leftover from ...  more
  • I am working on getting the credit cards payed off and then gett...  more
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  • Fri at 7:40 AM
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    Hi Gary, I'm trying to figure what would make economic sense to do with my house. I paid $30,000 for a 3-br ranch with half a block of land in 1983, but now I'm retired and alone on a fixed income. In recent years I spent most of my savings on replacement of both house and garage roof after severe ...
  • DIY - Turn an old door into a Mosaic tile table   This project rates as a 5 on the DIYer scale. Yet it will rate a 10 with your guest. Mosaic tables are great for outdoors (patios , porch and yards), they even look great in a rustic decorated room.   Here is how to make your own: ...
  • Mon at 1:58 PM
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    When I was in my 20s the thought of retirement seemed like it was so far in the future that I couldn't imagine it. Now that I'm approaching the age that some people retire it amazes me how fast the years have gone.   Why do I mention that? In part because of a recent survey by The American In...
  • April 11
    Posted by TDSdiyer
      Convert a closet Most families fight the constant battle between floor space and closet space. By converting a closet into desk space with a few book shelves or even closed in storage, you free up a lot of floor space. The best part is when not working at the desk, you can close the door...

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