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  • 3 hours ago
    Will you have enough honey this year to make a batch of this?
  • Correction, it didn't make it up to 70 today. 69. Brrr.
  • Might seem like a weird present, bought 9 of the better (5 blade...  more
  • Chilly today, hit a high in the low 70's now down to mid 60's. W...  more
  • Picked up a beautiful, gently used serving dish today from the t...  more

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  •   Question:   Dear Steve, I graduated with my bachelors degree in Studio Art with a concentration in digital imaging. I attended a religious institution for graduate school, hoping to obtain my master's, teach, and then my Ph.D. Due to life and my BA being useless, I had to take a lower...
  •   Question:   Dear Steve, I have two private student loans serviced by Navient ($15,000 and $16,000). I pay $262/month, which is almost interest only.   I also have several credit cards totaling $12,900 and a personal loan through Avant for $7,800. I make minimum payments on the ...
  •   by Rick Kahler   Both fee-only financial planning firms and companies that sell financial products are beginning to see some unintended consequences from the recent Department of Labor fiduciary rule.   The rule requires that all financial advisors who deal with an investor's r...
  • I recently read a CNN article titled: "Global central banks dump U.S. debt at record pace". It details how they have been reducing the amount of US Treasure bonds they own. At an accelerating pace. That's something that should concern us. In fairness, they do point out the individuals have increased...

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