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  • How are you making the most of your money and resources this weekend?

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  • Fri at 7:53 AM
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    I could of written that question! I am in the very same situation almost to the same $$ amount! I have the opportunity to pay off my credit card by using a 0 percent interest check from another credit card until April 2017. Then I would put $200 per month off on my $3800 balance continuing to add t...
  • Thu at 1:57 PM
    Posted by TDS Review
    It seems like we donate a lot around Christmas time and the end of the year as charities make emotional pleas to help those who don't have enough money for the things most of us take for granted. After Christmas, though, and after the first of the year, when our thoughts are turning to spring, gard...
  •   by Ashley McCann   A purse is more than just a fashion accessory. It serves a practical purpose, functioning like a friend who is always by your side ready to offer life's little essentials like gum, spare change, and lip balm. A great purse gets used so frequently that it's worth spe...
  •   contributed by Katie   These days, there is literally nothing you can't purchase online. There's a reason why this is a preferred method of purchase in 2016. When asked why they prefered shopping online, most consumers had the same reply. It's just plain convenient. There are no crowd...

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