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  • We are in the high 70's today nd will go up into the 80's tomorr...  more
  • Nice sunny fall weekend for us. Highs around 60 both days. DH go...  more
  • Last night we had dinner at our friends house. We brought a frui...  more
  • Spent money as I went to get a bulb for the broken tv, and the p...  more
  • A really beautiful autumn Sunday here.  It's forecast only ...  more

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  • Tue at 5:29 AM
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    Each year in early October we get the results of the Federal government's budget for the prior 12 months (in this case fiscal year 2016). As regular readers know here at TDS we do not like debt. So each year I cringe when I see the figures. Here's the latest: "The federal deficit for fiscal 2016 ju...
  • Back when I was a stock broker I became familiar with the Vanguard family of mutual funds. They were founded by a man named Jack Bogle. He was one of the early innovators in mutual fund investing. And later a pioneer in index funds (funds that mimic an index and don't rely on fund managers). Both of...
  •   This is a post from Kayla of   I'm sure you already know it can be hard, at times, to juggle your finances when you are living on a tight budget. Even if you don't have debt to pay off and you are only trying to balance living today and saving for the future, it can b...
  • October 10
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    I've been fascinated by the connection between emotional and physical health. Read anything that I see on the subject. (at least anything that's not written at a doctoral thesis level!) Just came across an article in the Harvard Business Review. link here   "Our Gallup-Healthways Global Well-...

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