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  • Pork chops, green beans, "fried" potatoes.
  • Nice day, I spent $30 at Hannafords. DD#1 and I stopped at a yar...  more
  • My plans for today were to stay home and get somethings done aro...  more
  • Good Afternoon.  Low around 59 and a current high of 60 - r...  more
  • We are having rain today off and on. My BFF and I are going to l...  more

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  • The mensch is back, and focused on helping you to retire--without having to eat cat food! In their ground-breaking book Your Money or Your Life, Vicki Robin and Joe Domiguez describe a scenario that we have all experienced—searching for what they call Job Charming: “It’s as thou...
  •   by Emily Guy Birken   A recent study by Fidelity Investments has uncovered some intriguing paradoxes about women’s relationship with money.   Despite the fact that 92 percent of the women involved in the study want to learn more about financial planning, and 83 percent wa...
  • Thu at 5:21 PM
    Posted by TDS Review
    Do you have a rag bag? You know, a place where you stash worn out clothing and household linens? You might have some old tshirts there or a thin sheet or maybe a stained tablecloth or worn out jeans. If you don't have a "rag bag," better get one started!   What you do with your stash besides ...
  •   by Steve Rhode   Question:   Yo Steve, My wife and I fight, or shall I say disagree, all the time about spending and a budget. She has one opinion and I have another. She says we should not spend more than 25% of our income on housing but I say 33% is alright. Who is right? Jim...
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