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  • welcome abouttime!  always glad to see new faces. 
    &nb...  more
  • that is good news
  • Glad she is fine.
  • I have to figure it out! I am planning on a return, to go toward...  more

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  • Thu at 12:19 PM
    Posted by TDS Review
    Sewing machines weren't invented until the mid 1980s. Up until then, women sewed all the clothing for everyone and all the household linens, too. Young girls were taught the art of needle and thread just like they were taught to sweep or wash dishes. It wasn't a mystery then and it shouldn't be now....
  •   by Steve Rhode   Question: Dear Steve, I started a collision repair business in 2011 and it started off well but it started dying out slowly but surly, the area kept getting worse and worse not to mention my rent was $2500 per month not including all of my other bills.   So t...
  • Mon at 6:36 AM
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    Ah, February! A month that's dominated by the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day. I suspect that many of you are thinking of Super Bowl parties and how to tell that special someone how much you love them.   If you're planning a Super Bowl party we have a couple of articles that can make your part...
  • I’m all about saving money wherever I can.  Especially when it comes to saving money on utility bills and other recurring expenses that can get out of hand very quickly if you’re not paying attention. So I thought I would share with you all the ways I’ve found to save money...

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