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  • I'm not one to follow the latest fads and there are some fashions that I will never wear, but I don't like to look like a frump and I suspect that you don't, either. When the clothing budget is limited for any reason, shopping at thrift stores or garage sales is a logical alternative and even if the...
  •   by Elle Martinez   Having a baby girl has been a wonderful blessing for us. As we're settling into her third month, we're constantly surprised at how quickly she's growing.   When we found out we were expecting, my husband and I decided that we were going to set aside some mon...
  •   contributed by anonymous   I just checked my bank account and the feeling was so good. I thought I'd share my story in the hope it will inspire someone else.   I was utterly naive about money and, consequently, buried under a mountain of debt in 2007. I was living paycheck...
  • Every one of us has do deal with the occasional financial emergency.  If you haven’t had a financial emergency rear its ugly head at some time in your life, just wait, it WILL happen. Sometimes these emergencies are beyond your control, such as a car accident, storm damage to...
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