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  • We are back.  We did find the ceiling fan.  It was sur...  more
  • I got to hang laudry this weekend!  Only the 2nd time this ...  more
  • Good morning! Back to work! I brought all my food and so I am ...  more
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  • 9 hours ago
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    Here at The Dollar Stretcher we love to hear about people changing their financial futures. It's especially neat when some of our articles played a part in helping them achieve their goals.   That's why a number of years ago we added 'Next Step' to the end of most articles. We wanted visitors...
  •   contributed by Success in the Southeast   This sounds a little old fashioned, but a family is a strategic endeavor. Being frugal must always be partnered with balance in life, and the thought that frugality adds to the quality of life. If not, frugality becomes just stinginess. T...
  • April 28
    Posted by TDS Review
    It used to be that finding work to do at home, especially on the internet, was a dangerous thing to do. So many scams and pennies per hour "jobs" were prevalent that the real jobs were like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. While there certainly are scams and underpaid work available, es...
  • I know that I tend to harp on debt. That's because I've seen debt hurt so many people. People who didn't get to live the lives they had planned because they were always playing catch-up financially.   So it won't surprise you that an article from Bloomberg caught my eye. The theme of the arti...

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