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  • We are having spaghetti, salad and garlic bread.
  • My house is clutter-y, also, we have 6 people here, and the stuf...  more
  • I just heard about a program to donate long sleeve shirts to und...  more
  • left over homemade pizza!  And probably an apple because th...  more
  • I hadn't even considered the option of making it a duct-tape-art-car...

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  • The mensch is back, and focused on helping you to retire--without having to eat cat food! Dollar Stretcher reader and commenter Beth asked an excellent question on my post about the Bucket Method from two weeks ago:   What about index funds? The Bucket Method only makes sense if you know w...
  •   by Steve Rhode   Dear Steve, My wife and I are new to the area and wondering if we should jump right in and buy a house or rent. I hate to rent because I think we are throwing our money away. What do you think? David     Dear David, I can certainly understand the ide...
  • Thu at 12:02 PM
    Posted by TDS Review
    Easter isn't the most expensive holiday, and it's colored with more family and religious tones than some, but even so, it can become quite expensive if you cave in to the huge (hollow) chocolate rabbits and the live chicks (what do you do with them after Easter?) and the idea that it's another day f...
  • by Gerri Detweiler   Question: I have been paying on a debt to a collection attorney. I’ve been paying the agreed upon monthly payment, but the balance keeps going up! The original debt has gone up about three times!   Answer from   When you work...
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