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  • How is everyone today and how are you stretching those dollars?
  • steak sandwiches w/ onions and cheese
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  •   by Rick Kahler   The massive computer hack of Equifax, one of the three largest US credit reporting agencies, exposed the Social Security numbers, names, and contact information for up to 143 million of us.How should you respond? A lot of conflicting advice is floating around; here is...
  • September 21
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    It's been a challenging couple of weeks for the Dollar Stretcher crew. As many of you know we're headquartered along the gulf coast in Florida. And for the last 2 weeks and probably a few weeks to come that means that we've been dealing with Irma.   I've lived in Florida for nearly 50 years s...
  • September 19
    Posted by TDSdiyer
    Over Door Storage ...   If you're like most people, you never have enough storage space.   Utilizing that empty space over the door can add a lot of storage space, and it’s easy to do.   In some cases, over the door storage is as simple as putting a shelf above the door ...
  • DIY - 10 quick fixes/savings using $1 store items   All Dollar stores and Discount stores will vary in what they sell a little, but the general stock of what they sell is  basically the same. So here are 10 quick fixes that you can do with items that you can get from your local Dollar ...

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