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  • Rainy today with thunderstorms, too wet to work in the garden. B...  more
  • Dinner tonight was burrito, chips with queso cheese and veggies.
  • Gayla, what brands are you buying? I think you have said this be...  more
  • I don't post much here any more, so most of you don't know me, s...  more

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  • 4 hours ago
    Posted by TDS Review
    You know that kids are just as fascinated with the box their new toy came in as they are the toy, so why not skip the toy?   Frugal thought, right?   If you have cardboard boxes around (and who doesn't have a few?), bring them out some time when your kids need something new and let the...
  •   by Kali Geldis   It's every consumer's worst nightmare: You're busy at work, mired in debt, and your cellphone keeps ringing. You’re doing your best to pay off that bill, but the unknown number flashing on your phone's screen is a dismal reminder you haven't.   "Most peo...
  •   by Gerri Detweiler   Some students worry about whether they'll get the financial aid they need to pay for the next semester of college. Others wonder why there is a record of them taking out student loans when they didn't apply — and now they can't get the loans they need. Cons...
  •   by Christine DiGangi   There's been a lot of discussion lately about Americans deciding to not pay back their student loans. While the reasons for purposely defaulting on education debt vary, the consequences are invariably unpleasant: debt collection, wage garnishment, growing loan ...
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