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  • I am going to try and stay at $600. I have already spent $165 th...  more
  • Bits and pieces of leftovers.  DH will probably make some p...  more
  • I am going to budget $600 for our house this month because I wil...  more
  • I can't say that I changed anything to deal with power outages.....  more
  • I spent $720 in January.  That included $60 for dog food an...  more

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  • Thu at 1:02 PM
    Posted by TDS Review
    Being a prepper doesn't carry quite the negative connotations that it seemed to in the past. Due in part to recent disasters, more people have realized that they need to depend on themselves and not government agencies that may or may not appear when they are needed.   Being ready for a hurri...
  • by Joseph Hogue   If you have seen the headlines or have had any experience with crowdfunding over the last year, you’re probably thinking how you can get in on this booming new form of finance. I’ve been coaching crowdfunding campaigns for a couple of years and was really excited...
  • January 22
    Posted by TDS Review
    Still eating out of the pantry? What are you going to do with that little jar of pasta sauce you thought you'd use? Or the package of ancient grains that never made it into a loaf of bread? Maybe it's a dry soup mix that you've had for awhile or a package of instant cereal no one likes.   Mak...
  • We ran out of bread this past week, and for a family that loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, this was a big problem. But before I get into my bread-making adventure, let me give you a quick update on all things Pantry Challenge at my house. 1. I cleaned out my refrigerator over the weekend. ...
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