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  • Another very hot day in Ohio, 92 degrees expected.  Far too...  more
  • Good Morning, welcome to Friday $$$$$$$$$$$ Stretching. Share yo...  more
  • Fires in my area have been terrible.  I had 4 adults, 2 tee...  more
  • Sorry to hear about your rough day. Yes, a MD visit sounds like ...  more
  • Thu at 7:28 PM
    Oh no!  Too many stressful things. Hope tomorrow is a bette...  more

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  • Thu at 12:58 PM
    Posted by TDS Review
    It's a little early yet, but as fast as time goes any more, we will soon be in the middle of fall, and that's my favorite frugal time of the year! Why is it frugal? It's between air conditioning season and heater season, to begin with. It's also harvest time, which means that some wonderful food is...
  •   by Rick Kahler   Almost all the financial decisions parents make around our kids have one thing in common: we want what's best for them. This is the case whether we're setting the amount of an allowance for an eight-year-old, helping a teenager make college choices, or deciding whethe...
  •   by Elizabeth Colegrove   As an experienced (AKA jaded) landlord, I have learned over the years and MANY tenants that an explicit lease is the key to a reduction in stress induced moments. While everyone will have their own opinion and experience, this is coming from someone who has no...
  • One of the things that most of us buy and don't even think of as a convenience food is pudding mix. The word "mix" should clue us in, but somehow, most of us slip right past it.   Like most "convenience" food, pudding mix costs more than making the food from scratch and it has more ingredient...
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