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  • How is your day going so far? Please share reason to be Thankful today!
  • 2 sloppy Joes on Wednesday.. :-/
  • Lisa, this summer has been all over the place temperature wise. ...  more
  • Open faced sloppy joes, mustard potato salad for DH. I will hav...  more
  • smoked turkey/steamed asparagus/noodles in a cream sauce. Banana...  more

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  • Wed at 1:22 PM
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    One reason that kids and adults alike enjoy the summer is that many of us have additional leisure time. Time not spent on school, work or household tasks. But time to spend on the things that we enjoy.   Among the various results of The American Time Use Summary from the U.S. Bureau of Labor ...
  • July 10
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    Here's something I found that was geared for a 60+ audience, but really applies to everyone. 6 Ways to Feel Happier Instantly.   It's pretty hard not to notice that there are a lot of people struggling with life. Bills, medical issues, relationships, etc. Many of those problems are serious an...
  • Hi Gary, My husband and I made some poor choices in our earlier years. Building a new home, then my husband gets laid off after 17 yrs and 2 weeks later I find out I'm pregnant a second time. We had a large mortgage and little income. We rebounded some, but have nothing for retirement. I turn 60 thi...
  • Being that the 4th of July is mid-week it would be easy to talk about our country's independence or your financial independence. But you already know how I feel about both subjects. That I want everyone to be free - both in terms of personal political freedom and in your finances. That's why we offe...

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