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  • NOPE!!!!
  • Tonight will be sloppy joes. Not sure about sides yet, maybe a s...  more
  • ^ Totally agree, Brandy.
    I have also found that marinating is a ...  more
  • This is a VERY important thing to understand if you're self-empl...  more
  • Way to go, retired!

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  • O.M.G. people, I have a 20% off discount in my e-mail for Bed, B...  more
  • By Brandy
    4 hours ago
    Better Homes and Gardens is having sales again! You can get home...  more
  • By Brandy
    in Recipes
    5 hours ago
    From Luvd_Lioness
    Note: I have doubled the recipe ...  more
  • Keeping cats out of the yard  more
  • Good Morning, especially to all the Star Wars fans. lol Sha...  more

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  • Tue at 6:11 AM
    Posted by TDS Guest Blogger
      contributed by Beth   I held three yard sales with my mom's belongings after she passed. I had never been to an estate sale, so I didn't know what to expect. However, due to issues that popped up, I think these tips should be mentioned to anyone thinking of doing such a sale.   ...
  • Mon at 6:28 AM
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    Here at The Dollar Stretcher we love to hear about people changing their financial futures. It's especially neat when some of our articles played a part in helping them achieve their goals.   That's why a number of years ago we added 'Next Step' to the end of most articles. We wanted visitors...
  • Mon at 5:54 AM
    Posted by TDS Guest Blogger
      contributed by Success in the Southeast   This sounds a little old fashioned, but a family is a strategic endeavor. Being frugal must always be partnered with balance in life, and the thought that frugality adds to the quality of life. If not, frugality becomes just stinginess. T...
  • April 28
    Posted by TDS Review
    It used to be that finding work to do at home, especially on the internet, was a dangerous thing to do. So many scams and pennies per hour "jobs" were prevalent that the real jobs were like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. While there certainly are scams and underpaid work available, es...

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