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  • can't believe march is almost over! the year is flying by.  ...  more
  • Babysitting today until around 5. Then I will drive home and str...  more
  • Penny, thanks-good to know, but if/when I get a unit I don't pla...  more
  • We will have vegetable soup and wheat crackers for Monday's supper.
  • Nice spring day here, overcast, but pleasant, with our temperatu...  more

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  • 2 hours ago
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    Do you like nice round numbers? Well, here are two for you. Just recently the Dow Jones average crossed the 20,000 mark. For many of us that's an amazing number. I was a broker back when it was less than 1000! Is it a bubble or the real thing? I won't venture a guess. At least not in public. But it'...
  •   DIY – Affordable Kitchen Makeovers (Changing a countertop)     Different types of countertops require different types of installation. For our purpose we're going to work with formica counter tops.   A lot of people like to stay away from formica counter tops, &n...
  • March 23
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    We're all used to seeing older people share their knowledge with someone younger. Whether it's a big brother showing his younger brother how to swing a bat or a middle aged mom giving her daughter advice on her wedding day. But sometimes it work in the opposite direction. This article from Wisebread...
  • March 20
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    I know that it's trite, but time sure does seem to fly by. And as I get older it seems to go by even faster. I recently asked a friend who will soon turn 92 if the pace continues to increase as we age. The scary answer he gave was 'yes it does'.   So it's not surprising that people say that t...

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