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  • I don't get to be with her too often so I enjoyed this. She was ...  more
  • Grandbaby's are a great treat!
  • We didn't hand out candy but we got a treat. We made pizza for d...  more
  • Ties finally went on sale- Buy one and get 2 free. So DH and son...  more

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  • I have always find it interesting to read real ghost stories. Tr...  more
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  • How is your Halloween going?
  • One of the basic things you can do to protect your money is to n...  more
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  • Image courtesy of Justin Cozart Happy Halloween!   Not only is today one of my favorite holidays of the year, but it is also my blogoversary. Three years ago today, I wrote my very first Live Like a Mensch post. The one that started it all.   I thought I would take a minute and think...
  • Thu at 2:33 PM
    Posted by TDS Review
    It used to be that identity theft meant that thieves got into your trash and found your bank statement. Paper shredders became popular, then shredders that cut both ways came on the scene.   That doesn't seem to help much any more.   If you're online, you're at risk for the malicious u...
  • I am already thinking ahead about gifts for Hannukah. This is in part because since LO's birthday in late August, the child has been asking if any and every box that comes into our house is a present for him.   But I am also thinking ahead about Hannukah because I want do two things this year...
  • Here are today's Savvy Savings! Here are all the new Printable Coupons that have just posted. You can get (2) prints of each coupon per computer, so go ahead and print the ones you think you’ll use! Remember these will reach their print limit FAST! So print them now and save them for the ...
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