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  • We managed to stumble thru June inspite of 2 largish, unexpected...  more
  • Dinner tonight was shredded pork tacos or burritos served with r...  more
  • Hazy, warm and humid. Wildfires to the North and West of us. Dep...  more
  • Another hot one here today.  Big Brother and I just took Mo...  more
  • I have been slacking on grocery shopping all together. I have a ...  more

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  • Today is the last day of June and tomorrow starts the second hal...  more
  • By tracy
    Wed at 8:00 AM
    I had thought the motor on my dryer had started on fire a month ...  more
  • Tell us how you are stretching today. Jill
  • OMG!  You can download 300 Knitting manuals from 1849 to 20...  more
  • OMG!  You can download 300 Knitting manuals from 1849 to 20...  more

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  •   by Rick Kahler   British voters shocked the world last week with their 52% to 48% decision to leave the European Union. The uncertainty of how this complex divorce will play out over the coming decade sent global markets reeling. London's Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 lost 4.4% o...
  • I know that it's human nature to want to believe that everything will turn out fine. And, in most cases, it does. I've heard that 70% of the things that we worry about never happen. But sometimes things turn out fine because you see trouble ahead and take corrective action before it can do damage. ...
  • Developing better money habits that lead to getting out of debt is one of those things everybody knows they should do, but sadly most don’t.  I know Angie and I struggled for years with nagging debt that never seemed to go away.  It wasn’t until we changed our money habits an...
  •   Generally, points and lender credits let you make tradeoffs in how you pay for your mortgage and closing costs.   - Points, also known as discount points, lower your interest rate in exchange for an upfront fee.   - Lender credits lower your closing costs in exchange for a high...

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