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  • 21 minutes ago
    We are thinking of a small get away in Bar Harbor in July for a ...  more
  • welcome Magsuk!
    Today I'm trying to have a "no spend" day to hit...  more
  • I have been reading the forum for a long time before posting!&nb...  more
  • retired:  I grew up on the town where the factory is and kn...  more
  • Yeterday BFF and I got about $225 in groceries.  $100 of it...  more

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  • By map578
    21 minutes ago
    We are thinking of a small get away in Bar Harbor in July for a ...  more
  • Old Navy is having their 30% off deal. If you shop there, it's t...  more
  • Another great find from the internet..
    http://www.tasteof...  more
  • If you have a home office or have a small business, office expen...  more
  • Kitchen knives  more

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  • Thu at 2:07 PM
    Posted by TDS Review
      I love corned beef and cabbage and I always try to stock up on corned beef just before Saint Patrick's Day.    I like to have it three or four times a year, so that's how much I try to have on hand, as far as corned beef goes.   I also buy at least one extra head of...
  • by Thomas McClintock   Business owners are always looking for more ways to cut costs at the office. And who can blame them? The more overhead you can get rid of, the better your long-term profit. It's a no-brainer. However, finding the right places to cut isn't always easy.   Here...
  • Mrs. Dollar Stretcher and I became empty nesters a few years ago. And, while we love our kids and are really happy when they visit, it's also nice to be empty nesters. But, if you're a responsible loving parent (and we like to think we are!), that means that you'll feel a little guilty about enjoyin...
  • I'm a huge sucker for cheesy, yummy, melt-in-your mouth pizza. Maybe it's the goopy cheese, or the crunchy crust. Or maybe it's because I watch what I eat most days, and pizza is a rockin' splurge. Whatever the case, I've certainly passed the pizza love on to my 3 kids. It's a favorite for dinner, f...
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