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  • Chicken/veggie tacos are what’s for supper on Wednesday.
  • retired...I hope the new medications work for your DH.
    map578.....  more
  • It's been very icy temps here and I caught a bug from work. Runn...  more
  • Brrrrr, it's cold outside! How is your Wintry Wednesday? Are you...  more
  • Hi all,
    I stayed home sick today. Went to the doctor and found o...  more

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  • January 12
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    I had found a couple of family members that were on the list and when I sent them the link, they said it is sending them around to multiple sites and asking for SS#.....then listed a lesser amount for one of them. Do you have experience with this site to know if it is a scam? thank you! L   ...
  • January 11
    Posted by TDSdiyer
    Cork it !!   I thought it would be interesting to do an article on things you can do with used wine corks.   There are so many things you can do with corks that we can only touch the surface on it in this article. Used corks can be found online at eBay and Amazon for a reasonable pri...
  • As I write this the whole country (including normally sunny Florida) is in the grip of a record setting cold snap. And that means that most of us will spend more time indoors.   Now I know that it's tempting to binge watch your favorite TV show on one of the streaming services. But you might ...
  • January 2
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    Don't you just love a fresh start? A clean slate? A new beginning? I think that we all do at various times in our life.   For some things we do get a really fresh start. Some of us get a new set of sick and vacation days on January 1st. If you're in school you're probably starting a new semes...

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