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  • No worries-- your panels almost certainly have the blocking diod...  more
  • We were bad last night, we had frozen pizzas with ready made sal...  more
  • That is respectfull.
    I wondered how memorial day is "celebrated"...  more
  • I do make sure I don't cook to little but also not to much. ...  more
  • I am trying hard to not resort to eating out tonight. >_<

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  • Good Morning, Here we are at the end of May. This is our last Fr...  more
  • By turtle
    Thu at 8:47 PM
    I sent you a pm.
  • The directions I use are based off of these from the Southern Pl...  more
  • Recipes from Gayla:
    1/4 cup coriander seeds1...  more
  • Pasta primavera  more

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  • Photo courtesy of David Goehring   It's that time of year again! Graduation season is in full swing, and the same stupid advice is being bandied about toward this year's graduates as was passed along to every previous graduate in the history of education. In particular, I'd like to debunk the...
  •   by AJ Smith   Congratulations! You got a raise, came into an inheritance or sold your home for a profit. No matter what has brought more money into your budget, it’s important to manage that money wisely. Just because you have greater access to money doesn’t mean...
  • Hello to all my Frugal Friends!   According to an article in Employee Benefit News HR departments are concerned about their employees finances. That makes sense. An employee who's worried about paying the bills can't give full attention to their work.   They quote a survey of human res...
  • Thu at 10:32 AM
    Posted by TDS Review
    Shouts of joy at the freedom of summetime stretching before them often turn into moans of boredom as children who are used to having their days scheduled start wondering what do do now.   Your kids might not be bored yet because the season is still early, but it's bound to happen at some poin...
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