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  • Happy Tuesday to All. Mid to high 80's and humid. Supposedly s...  more
  • Just returned from appt with surgeon. We were hoping for just a...  more
  • I just finished a 2 mile walk with my BFF. Now I am having break...  more
  • Thanks luckee. He stuffed himself lol teenage boys. didn't hav...  more
  • Tuesday’s supper will be either take-and-bake or frozen pizza and salad.

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  • How is your day progressing?
  • Michael will be 4 years old in Dec. He got sick the second week ...  more
  • Fall arrives officially at the end of this week so let’s get sta...  more
  • Life gets crazy and has us going in so many different directions...  more
  • Good Weekend to All. Share your plans.

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  • Mon at 12:42 PM
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    A good reputation has always been important. Today, our financial reputation is largely measured by our credit score. So keeping a good credit score is essential. One way to do that is to protect yourself from identiity theft.   A wonderful tool to foil ID theft is the credit freeze. That's w...
  • September 12
    Posted by Gary Foreman
    One advantage of spending 35+ years dealing with personal finance is that you get to see some of your beliefs get tested. Some things that you thought were true were proved false by events. There was a time that I thought that we'd never see a 3% mortgage again. Time proved me wrong.   But th...
  • In most parts of the US, kids have either already returned to school or are about to return to the classroom. Hopefully they'll learn a lot. And, even better, learn a little about personal finance.   I don't believe it's just my opinion, but it seems that young people are graduating high scho...
  • When I first heard about it I thought that it was silly. Paying someone to tutor your kid on how to play a video game! What a waste of money! Here's the article that describes it.   The parents interviewed said that their kids were being ridiculed for being losers on the game. They wanted the...

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