8 Reasons to Take the TDS Pantry Challenge

  • So why do a pantry challenge? We'll give you 8 great reasons!


    1. To put some extra cash in your pocket.


    The main reason many people choose to do a pantry challenge is to free up a bit of extra cash. Maybe you'd like to pay off those holiday bills as quickly as possible or have some other expense coming up for which you do not right now have the cash. A pantry challenge is a great way to make a little wriggle room in this month's budget.


    2. To prevent food waste.


    For those of us who really do not have a pantry organization system or for those who never clean out the pantry, who knows how much expired food you have sitting in your cupboards, fridge or freezer? A periodic pantry challenge gives you a reason to clean things out and eat things up before they go bad.


    TDS Pantry Challenge


    3. To get your pantry, fridge and freezer organized.


    If you do not have a system for keeping your kitchen organized, a a pantry challenge is the ideal time create one. No need to make it more complex than it has to be. Throughout the TDS Pantry Challenge, we'll be offering up tips and ideas to keep your kitchen with minimal cash and time outlay.


    4. To learn better meal planning skills.


    If you are new to meal planning or simply find it too time consuming, a pantry challenge gives you a reason to learn how to meal plan, or to hone your meal planning skills. Follow the meal planning tips we will be posting throughout the TDS Pantry Challenge and you could end the month as a skilled meal planner!


    5. To try new recipes (or practice cooking without recipes!)


    One of the funnest things about doing a pantry challenge is getting creative in the kitchen as you create or find recipes that incorporate those ingredients you have on hand.  Please share your TDS Pantry Challenge creations with us!


    6. To learn new ways to stretch your food budget.


    The object of the challenge is to avoid buying any additional food to cook this month. But what if you have everything you need to make a particular recipe but no brown sugar? No need to buy it. Learn how to subtitute with other ingredients! Want to make tacos but have no tortillas? This might be a good time to see how easy it can be and how much you can save making them from scratch.


    You can learn quite a few money-saving gems such as these during the TDS Pantry Challenge. Make note of them and use them on a go forward to keep your food costs to a minimum.


    7. To introduce the concept of portion control to your kids.


    A great way to stretch your pantry challenge meals as far as possible is to make sure you and your family are not eating more than you need to at each meal. Children especially have no concept of portion size. And while you might be serving up the food for them now, as they grow older, and especially as teens, they likely will be doing it on their own. A pantry challenge is a great excuse to teach them this healthy concept.


    8. To get the whole family involved in a money-saving project.


    Use the pantry challenge to introduce food costs to your kids. I am sure they would love to be part of lowering those costs if they understood that some of the savings could go towards a family vacation. And does hubby know how much the food budget is? This can be a good way to get both of you thinking about this controllable expense. At the end of the month, have a special family outting to celebrate a job well done on everyone's part or take that family vacation.


    If you are new to the TDS Pantry Challenge and would like more details take a look at The TDS Pantry Challenge How-To.


    See how other pantry challengers are doing and exchange tips and helpful advice.


  • haverwench
    haverwench I don't quite get how a pantry challenge helps you save money. You are not eating less food, which means that in the long run, you aren't buying less; you're just postponing your shopping. As soon as the challenge is over, you will need to spend a lot of ...  more
    January 14, 2015
  • TDSPantryChallenge
    TDSPantryChallenge Hi haverwench! Thanks for your comment! This is Paige, and I can tell you that on a personal level, one of the reasons I am doing the challenge is to actually see which foods I could more easily and frugally make from scratch (or from my pantry ingredient...  more
    January 14, 2015
  • TDSPantryChallenge
    TDSPantryChallenge This is Andrea from TDS. For many people, a pantry challenge is not as much about saving money as it is about freeing up some money. If you need extra cash one month to put tires on your car, a pantry challenge can free up that cash for you. And yes, you ...  more
    January 14, 2015
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    May 4

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