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Two Sides to the Coin

  • Saving money, making money. Those are two sides to the coin, and both are important. I write mostly about saving money, because it doesn't matter how much you make, if you have no control over where it goes, it does you no good. 


    Others write about making it. That's good, because if you don't make it, you won't have any to save.   


    Some of us write about doing things like washing plastic bags for reuse (yes, we still do that!) and others write about making the best investments with the money you have saved. That's all good, too. 


    The point is, that there is a lot to "frugal living" or "dollar stretching." Whether you look at the "little things" or the "big things," you can get ahead of the game. You just have to decide you want to and then you have to work at it. 


    And whichever side you concentrate on, don't forget. There IS another side to the coin. It takes both sides.