How to Cheat at Refrigerator Pickles

  • If you eat pickles from the store, here's the easiest, cheapest way possible to make a good jar of pickles. They will be crisp and taste just like your favorite pickles.


    First, you must save the liquid from your store bought pickles. When you have emptied a jar of pickles and have some cucumbers on hand you can make pickles from the same liquid and spices. It works for one time, but discard it after that.


    1. Prepare the cucumbers by washing thoroughly and trimming off any scars or bad areas. Small cucumbers can be pickled whole but larger ones should be cut into fourths or sliced.


    2. Wash a canning jar or the original picke jar and put it in very hot water.


    3. Heat the leftover liquid to a simmer.


    4. Put the cucumbers in the hot jar, packing them tightly.


    5. Pour the hot liquid over the cucumbers.


    6. Seal, either with canning lid and ring or with a lid with rubber inside (such as the original pickle jar lid).


    Put this in the refrigerator and let it set a couple of weeks without opening. Open and check to see if the pickles are "made" yet. If they're not to your liking yet, put the lid back on and wait another week or so.


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