Are You a Financial Grown-Up?

  • In most parts of the US, kids have either already returned to school or are about to return to the classroom. Hopefully they'll learn a lot. And, even better, learn a little about personal finance.


    I don't believe it's just my opinion, but it seems that young people are graduating high school with little or no money knowledge. Many don't even know the very basics of personal financial management.


    The cost is high. Many who graduate from college with crushing student loans would have chosen a different path for financing their education if they had a little more financial education.


    And if you're a little older, don't be too fast to pat yourself on the back. You'd be surprised how much even those of us in our 50s and 60s still can learn about managing our money.


    If you'd like to see how grown up you are financially here's how to tell if you're really a financial adult.


    Take a few minutes to check it out. You might find yourself motivated to learn even more about your financial affairs!


    Keep on Stretching those smart Dollars!

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