Are You Financially Wise?

  • Here's an interesting study. It's what they call a longitudinal study (in plain English that means they keep following the same people for a period of time). It's by


    They started with 18-21 year olds in 2008. Among their findings was a nugget I latched onto. Those people who were more confident in their financial knowledge were happier than other people.


    That doesn't surprise me. Money is an important part of our lives. It affects so many aspects. Feeling more confident in your financial knowledge should make your life better and happier.


    That's part of the reason why I started The Dollar Stretcher. Sure, it's about money. But the goal has always been the "living better" part of our motto - "living better...for less".


    So I congratulate you on being a reader. And I hope that you continue to learn more and get happier as we grow together!


    Keep on Stretching those happier Dollars!


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