• We're about to do some exterior work to the Dollar Stretcher house. Work that's above my ability and energy level. So we need to find someone to do the work for us. But who to get?


    It's a common problem. I know that there are places you can go to get reviews from others. But I'm a bit suspicious of reviewers I don't know. It's one thing to take advice from a stranger on a restaurant. If you don't like the meal it's no big deal. But on a big house project? That could be a real problem.


    So I'm checking with a few people I know and trust who have hired a professional to do similar work for them. If they give me a name and number I have a base level of confidence to work from.


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    It's a standing joke that you can trust anything that you find online (not!). So it's hard for all of us to know what's trustworthy. Especially where our money is concerned.


    We do our best to find relevant facts for the articles we run. To find professionals and experts to contribute articles or answer interview questions. So it's not just someone's opinion, but rather info you can trust.


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