How to Boost Your Savings

  • Ah, summertime! A time for vacations, pool parties, BBQs and summer reading lists. Leisure time! It's a time of year that most of us enjoy!


    And while a little leisure time is good for us, so is spending a little time on the important things in life. In this case our finances. (OK, I know that I'm "preaching to the choir" here.)


    I know from the emails I get that many readers wish they had just a little more money each month. That they'd love to have an emergency fund but can't find the money to set aside.


    Summer is a great time to start an emergency fund savings plan. You're not rushing to get the kids off to school or preparing for the holidays. You can afford to take a few minutes each week to do something that will make your financial future better.


    If that's you, please take a look at an article we prepared How to Save $1,000 While Living Paycheck to Paycheck. It shares some ways that you can add some extra income on a regular basis.


    And, once you've added that income, you'll need a place to keep it. Don't wait until you see the cash come rolling in. Why not open the account today, even it's only with $1 as a promise to yourself that very soon you'll have some money set aside for an emergency? You'll find a helpful widget here that will compare savings and money market accounts. Opening an account is easy and quick. You can do it from your phone or tablet! Many don't even require you to make an initial deposit! You'll invest an hour or less today. But knowing that you've taken the first step towards a better financial future will make that nap in the hammock so much more relaxing!


    Keep on Stretching those lazy summer Dollars!

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