Sweeps As a Second Income

  • My husband and I are living paycheck to paycheck. I am trying to find a second job, but David spends his free time (3-6 hours a week) playing sweepstakes on the Internet. It is free and easy for him. He believes he can win $5,000 on Aug 1st and pay off some of our credit cards.

    Is he dreaming? Can D. really win anything? Or is this a waste of time?

    Please reply with your advice. Thanks.


    I hate to get in the middle of a family debate, but it's probably unlikely that he'll win. Let's assume that the offer is real. He's probably earning points by playing but the odds are still very small for a win. Unless very few people enter. And it's unlikely that they'd offer a prize that big for only a few entries. The big risk is that unlike a paycheck which is pretty much guaranteed, he could find that he got paid nothing for his time.

    We encourage people to do surveys for a little extra income while they're otherwise watching TV or stuck in the carpool line. Here are a couple that we recommend.
    - Survey Junkie
    - Opinion Outpost
    - Swagbucks

    But if you're living paycheck to paycheck a second job is a better option. It's not a matter of making a little extra while you watch TV. It's important to get you some financial breathing space. You might want to check out our find new jobs page .


    Hope that you're able to increase your income soon.

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