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  • The other day I was thinking about the topics that we're taught that you shouldn't discuss in polite company. You know the list: religion, sex, money.


    I know that there are exceptions but for the most part it is wise to avoid certain topics in mixed company situations. At least it is if your goal is a pleasant, non-controversial, non-confrontational gathering!


    Having dealt with people's money issues for 35+ years it's only natural that I've often been close to the line on money. Sometimes in public and sometimes in private.


    In the last decade social media has opened up a whole new arena for conversations. Sometimes I'm amazed at the personal information that people post on their social media pages.


    How they're approaching the money topic is particularly interesting. Like in other places, I wouldn't expect you to post how much you make or what your income is. But it is alright for me to make an educated guess based on your job, your house, your car, where your kids go to school, etc. And, just like the pre-social media days, we all probably make some of those assumptions.


    But I'm wondering if it would be impolite to post certain money facts. Things like "we spent less last month that we made" or "I started a 401k years ago and it was the best decision I ever made"? I suppose that's over the line, but it does remind me of a reader response article we did awhile back: An Enviable, Conspicuosly Thrifty Lifestyle. We asked readers how to politely let their financial accomplishments shine.


    Guess that money will always be a sensitive subject. And it should be. But it's a shame that social media has made it so easy to provoke envy when someone posts their new (fill in the blank) and tempt us to overspend. Too bad that posts can't encourage responsible money management.


    (step off soapbox)


    Oh, and you might want to check out one area of money managment that should get more attention. 6 Types of Investment Fees You Need to Uncover. That's a money topic that shouldn't be taboo!


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!

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