Who's Responsible?

  • I'm sure that I'm not the only one who finds some commercials to be irritating. It happens for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's for something trivial like a jingle that's repeated over and over again.


    But sometimes it's because of the message of the commercial. Which is the reason why one auto insurance company's message bugs me.


    It starts with a lady saying that she researched and bought a new car. Then she totaled it. And now the insurance company only wanted to pay her 75% of what another new car would cost. She adds "What do they want me to do? Drive around on 3 wheels?" The ad goes on to say that this company will give you that coverage.


    Clearly the message is that it's the insurance company's fault that she doesn't have coverage that would replace her car. The fact that she didn't take the time/effort to find out what her coverage was isn't her fault. That she probably chose the lowest cost policy without finding out what was covered isn't her fault.


    Now I admit (no I expect) a good insurance agent or company to clearly explain what different policies are available to me. And I understand that not all agents are good ones. But, in this case the company/agent should have been happy to sell a replacement cost policy. It's a little more expensive and gives the agent a little higher commission.


    But it's my responsibility to make sure that I have the insurance coverage I need. The company needs to honor their policy. I need to make sure I've purchased the right policy.


    That'll probably take a little effort on my part. Maybe I'll need to ask a few questions. Talk to more than one agent. Do a little reading. Then if I should have an accident with a new car I won't be wondering how to drive on 3 wheels.


    Glad to get that off my chest! Now I can go back to ignoring commercials.


    If you are looking to compare auto insurance rates we have a tool that could help you. Getting the right insurance coverage is important. So is getting the best price for that coverage.


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!


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  • LisaYarosh
    LisaYarosh We don't have tv anymore. I do believe in insurance of all types. I don't like to take those types of risks. When my oldest got his car, we decided that he would get his own policy. I even chose his policy. Not the best, but not the worst either. He's the...  more
    April 30

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