• Recently more and more people seem to be dealing with fear. I don't want to get into the causes (there are many and this isn't the forum for that) but I do want to take a minute to discuss the difference between facing facts and fear.


    In the financial arena there are many facts that should be faced. As I harp on continually, debt levels are rising everywhere. In every age bracket, in every type of debt (student loans, mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, etc), in government (again at all levels). Pretty much everywhere you look. A gigantic problem.


    Then there's a 50+ demographic that hasn't saved enough for retirement and are running out of time. Some are caring for elderly parents. Others are raising/supporting adult children and grandchildren.


    Home prices and rents are pricing people out of the market. Especially younger people. Not to mention a whole bunch of other financial issues.


    With all these issues in our world how we respond to them is critical. And I believe that there's a big difference between addressing facts and being fearful.


    When we acknowledge facts we tend to take action to help correct the situation. When we respond to fear we tend to freeze in place or make rash, foolish decisions.


    My hope is that you'd use resources like TDS to help you take steps to be prepared for whatever the future might bring to you financially. Whether you have plenty or are just scraping by, we'd like to help you 'live better...for less'. You can start in our library or on our front page.


    The worst thing that you can do is to respond fearfully. You'll either be afraid to do anything or you'll make quick, bad decisions that will only make your situation worse.


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!

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