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  • Hello to all my Frugal Friends!

    One thing that search has done is to bring us a lot of choices when we're looking for information. That's good and bad. It's good that we have access to the information. It's bad that we can have a hard time separating the good information from things that are less valuable.


    So I work hard trying to find sites that are like TDS that can help you and I learn the tricks and tools to a good financial life. Separating the useful from the useless.


    One of my favorites for the 50+ audience is BoomingEncore.com. If you're a regular reader you probably recognize that we've been running some articles from them. Especially in our After 50 Finances newsletter. I figured it was about time that I mentioned them here and let you know about their site and newsletter.


    Booming Encore is filled with information and inspiration for baby boomers to design and live their very best encore. From health to retirement, positive aging to encore careers they share a variety of resources and information. I'm a regular reader of their newsletter. I admit that I don't read every single article. But just about every issue has something I find valuable. So visit their website: www.boomingencore.com and sign up for their newsletter. If you're in the 50+ range you'll want that encore to be better than the first act!


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!

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