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  • Hello to all my Frugal Friends!

    It doesn't seem so long ago that Toys R Us was the newest store in town. More toys than anyone had seen in one place at one time. A kids' dream. And a dream for parents shopping for that perfect toy!


    But times change and Toys R Us is filing for bankruptcy.


    The biggest change that affected Toys R Us is online retailing. They found it impossible to compete with online stores. Not only could the online stores offer lower prices, they didn't require the shopper to take time out of a busy schedule to go to the store.


    What can we learn from this? That online retailing has made shopping easier than ever. Parting with our dollars is quick and convenient. And while I appreciate that convenience when I'm ordering supplies like liquid soap or toilet paper, I avoid online 'window shopping' at all costs.


    If you find yourself drawn to online retailers to 'just look around' you might want to visit the TDS library section on Spending Addictions. You'll find articles from recovering spending addicts and help for spending addictions.


    Toys R Us was forced into bankruptcy by online retailers. Don't let them force you into bankruptcy too!


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!

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