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    " Millions of Americans, most of whom are women, are not only providing care to aging parents and loved ones, but they’re also serving as “financial” caregivers." (source: USA


    You might not be a caregiver now, but as your parents age it's a possibility that we all must face. Hiring professional help is expensive. Often doing it yourself is the most cost efficient solution.


    But lost time at work is not the only cost. There can be physical and emotional costs as well. We have a whole library section on becoming a caregiver that can help you make a good long-term decision.


    We also have some articles on helping with finances - 4 Ways to Help Your Parents With Their finances and Helping Elderly Parents Organize Must-Have Financial Paperwork and Information.


    Oh, and one last thing before you get into this issue. Here's an early warning! On March 5th we'll release The Dollar Stretcher's first ebook! I'll share more as we get closer to the release date!


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!

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