A Little Extra Income

  • Hello to all my Frugal Friends!

    Have you ever gotten to the end of the month and wished you had just a little more money? Or been nearing retirement and thinking that you'd still like to work at least part-time?


    Here at TDS we know that many people would like either a part-time job or a better paying full-time job. So we're partnering with Ziprecruiter.com to help you find a job. We've set up a page on our site that could lead you to the perfect situation.


    You can search by job title, by location, by distance from your home. Search all listings or only those listed within the last 24 hours. And, it's all free to use. You pay nothing.


    So if you've been thinking about looking for a new or better source of income this is your opportunity. You have nothing to lose but a little time. Oh, and if you need some help with your resume you'll find it here.


    Happy job hunting!


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!

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