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    My doctor recommends an annual physical. Much as I don't like it, I still have it done. If he's as good as I think he is, not only is he checking my current numbers, but also comparing them to the scores in my last physical.


    What's that have to do with your finances? Just a reminder that January is a perfect time to give your finances an annual physical. You'll be getting year end statements from all your major financial accounts (mortgage, brokerage, credit cards, etc).


    It doesn't take long to do a few calculations to see how healthy (or sick) your finances are.


    One top-level test is to calculate your net worth. (note: obviously this is not your worth as a human being, just your financial net worth) Net worth is basically a listing of all your assets and liabilities. Ideally your net worth is positive and grows each year. For more details read What's your Net Worth.


    If your net worth is in the negative it's time to get serious about fixing your finances. Even a positive net worth can be a warning sign if it's less than you should have saved by this time in your life. To get a feel for how much you should have saved at any given age check out this article from


    You might also want to read Give Your Finances an Annual Check-Up


    We want you to be healthy! And, here at TDS, we're committed to giving you the tools and inspiration to be as financially healthy as you can be!


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!

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