Things To Do On a Cold Winter's Day

  • As I write this the whole country (including normally sunny Florida) is in the grip of a record setting cold snap. And that means that most of us will spend more time indoors.


    Now I know that it's tempting to binge watch your favorite TV show on one of the streaming services. But you might be better served by taking an intermission and using the time to study your finances. For instance you might want to read A Painless Financial Check-Up. It will quickly give you an idea of how healthy (or sick) your finances are.


    It might be worthwhile to see if your savings and emergency fund are earning the most they can. This tool will help you compare rates.


    Maybe you'd like to create or add to your emergency fund this year. This article will show you ways to find money for your emergency fund.


    Or perhaps you have some debts and wonder what they're really costing you. This article will show you how to answer that question.


    There are other things that you can do while you're stuck inside that will make the rest of the year easier for you and your family. I hope that you use TDS to help you make positive changes. So why not turn off the TV or social media for an hour and spend the time creating a better future for yourself?


    Keep on Stretching those frozen Dollars!

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