Merry Christmas

  • Hello to all my Frugal Friends!


    For most of us this is a joyous time of year. Our Jewish friends are celebrating Hanukkah until December 20th. This week Christians will be in the last days of Advent heading up to Christmas. And everyone around the world celebrates New Year's.


    Amidst all the celebrating I'd like to make a special request - for those who aren't able to celebrate this time of year. Because of poor finances, illness, loss of a loved one or anything else that makes this time of year especially hard for them.


    My request is this. If you're able, among all the gifts you give, reach out to someone who's having a hard time this holiday season. Invite them over for cake and coffee, give a gift card to your local grocery store, just sit with them while they grieve or do whatever would encourage them and let them know that they're not alone in this world.


    Here at TDS our motto has always been "living better...for less". Many times that means getting the best deal when we're shopping. But not always. Sometimes living better means caring for those around us who can use our help. As that TV ad said a few years ago, some gifts are "priceless".


    Hope that you have a blessed holiday!

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