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  • Don't you love to start something new? To dream about what you hope it becomes? The enjoyment you'll get watching it develop?


    I think that's true whether we're talking about watching our babies grow into responsible adults, a remodeling project at home or a debt reduction program.


    So I'm happy to announce something new at TDS. As you may know I'm a baby boomer. Yes, one of that big mass of babies born in the years from the end of WW2 to the 60s. And, while I want TDS to help people of all ages live better for less, I have a special concern for readers who are 50+.


    People aged 50 and up face more financial decisions than at any time in their lives. Houses, cars and insurance policies that were appropriate when they were younger no longer make sense.


    And, not only are they planning or managing their own retirement, but they're also helping aging parents make financial decisions, too. Decisions about caregiving, assisted living and estate planning.


    Making good decisions at this stage of life is super important and has become more and more complicated.


    So we started a new Facebook page specifically for them. We call it "FiftyPlusFinances" and you'll find it here.


    We'll be featuring great information to help readers in the 50+ stage of life make optimal decisions. Hopefully some discussions of interest, too. It isn't replacing our website or any of our newsletters. Rather we hope it's one more way that we can work with you.


    And it won't all be heavy stuff either. We'll have some fun along the way, too.


    So please do me a favor. If you're on Facebook visit the page. Like it. Tell your friends about it. The more people who participate the better it will be for everyone!


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!

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