Can Money Buy Happiness?

  • Here's an update on an old, old argument. Can money buy happiness? According to a new study quoted in the L.A. Times the answer is yes. The headline? "Science Proves It: Money Really Can Buy Happiness"


    They found that people who spend money to have others do chores that they didn't like to do were happier than people who did the chores themselves.


    Is that really surprising? I'd be happy if someone peeled potatoes and cleaned my toilets. And I suspect that you would, too.


    But I think that the study missed an important element. Did the money spent come from excess income? Or did it pile up debt?


    I've never done a study, but based on the emails I get from people who are in debt trouble, I doubt that adding to their debt to have someone peel their potatoes would make them happy. In fact, it would increase their anxiety.


    So maybe the headline should be changed to: "Common Sense Proves It: Wise Use of Money Can Create Happiness".


    I admit that I don't know the methodology used in the study. But forgive me if I'm suspicious of a study that tells people that it's ok to spend money on tasks that they don't want to do.


    If you think that I'm wrong I have a challenge for you. Take a look at our debt checklist" and see if you're heading for debt trouble. It'll only take a minute. You might be surprised at what you learn.


    There's one thing that I can be absolutely sure of. If you get in debt trouble the people behind this survey won't be there to help you. You'll need people like The Dollar Stretcher to help you get out of debt.


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars

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