Making Your Job Safe

  • It may seem strange to talk about work during a week with a holiday in it. But let's do it anyway.


    If you follow employment stats you'll notice some interesting trends. Some surprising, some not so. Most don't directly impact our lives, but some give us a heads up about what the future job market will look like.


    First, some of the stats.


    In 1967, only 5% of men aged 25-54 didn't work. Today that number is 20%. How's that possible when the official unemployment rate is setting record lows? That's easy. Anyone who has quit looking for work doesn't count as unemployed. But, whether they're included in the stated unemployment rate or not, the loss to themselves, their families and the economy is still real.


    What about women? In 2000 75% of women aged 25-54 were working. Today that's down to 72%.


    The next stat is important. It gives each of us a clue on how to protect our jobs.


    Currently 72% of college grads over 25 have jobs. Among high school dropouts only 41% are working. That gap has been growing continually since 1977.


    Let's tie those facts together. To have job security today you need an education. Jobs that don't require higher ed are disappearing. Mostly due to technology. That's true whether you're an assembly line worker, sales clerk or a host of other jobs.


    So it's safe to say that education is important. But getting an education is expensive. That's why I'd recommend Things to Know Before You Take Out a Student Loan.

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