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  • You probably have one or two gift cards in your wallet or purse right now. Most of us do. If so you'll probably want to read this article on gift card hacks from


    With vacation season fast approaching many people will be taking road trips. And, based on the questions I get, people often wonder why gas prices vary so much from state to state. An article at the USA Today website explains why. Perhaps you'll want to either avoid the 16 States With the Highest Gas Prices or at least fill up before you hit the state line!


    Have you recently received a raise or a bonus? If so, you'll want to check out an infographic on Smart Ways to Use Your Raise or Bonus. I especially liked #6.


    "A new study released on May 2nd by the American College of Financial Services reveals that retirees are alarmingly uneducated when it comes to the financial side of retirement" - that's how a current article from Investopedia called "6 Important Facts Retirees Don't Know. If you're retired or will soon be retired you should take 3 minutes to read it.


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!


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