Is Your Job Safe?

  • An article from our Bankrate feed highlighted something that's not getting much attention. Despite the generally better job market, some areas are not doing so well. One of them is retailing. In fact, over 50k jobs have been lost in retailing just since January 1st! The primary reason is that so many of us have found internet shopping. The biggest reason, of course, is store closings. And, it's pretty safe to assume that we haven't seen the end of that trend.


    So if you're employed in retailing you might want to consider learning some new skills. Perhaps taking on a side gig would be a good idea. In any case, don't wait to hear that your store is closing. Start making changes now. And don't just move to another store. You'll need to move to another field. Another place that you'll want to consider is our affiliation with Flexjobs. They screen jobs before they post them so you don't waste time with fake opportunities. All are flexible freelance or telecommuting jobs. So if you're concerned about your future in retailing (or any other field) check out Flexjobs.


    Next topic: interest rates. Given the recent jobs report it's expected that the Federal Reserve will bump interest rates when they meet mid-June. If you haven't already locked in these lower interest rates, now is the time to take action. I've been watching interest rates for 45 years. It's unlikely you'll see rates this low again for decades.


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!

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