Frugal Finds 6

  • We'd like to publish every great article on how to save time and money right here at TDS. But that's simply not possible. So here are a few articles that we didn't get to publish from around the web.


    I know that it's strange, but when I was in school I kinda liked pop quizes. Since most of the time I was up on my reading it was an easy way to pad my grade. This quiz serves a more important purpose than padding your grade. Our friends at have a financial terms pop quiz. Why don't you check it out and see if you can boost your grade?


    What Do Personal Finance And A Bikini Have In Common? Now that's what I call a good question! To find out you'll need to give the article a read.


    If you're retired or nearing retirement age you should know about Medicaid planning. The McDonald Law Firm has an excellent article on the subject. The subject can be fairly complicated and important. I know because my wife worked in that area for years.


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!< br/> Gary

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