Financial Literacy Month

  • Certainly I'm not the only one who thinks that we've (or someone) has named too many official days, weeks and month. In fact, if you google it you'll find a site called There are so many that they have them broken down by month. Here's just a few of the 32 on their list:

    • - National Canine Fitness Month 
    • - National Internship Awareness Month 
    • - National Fresh Celery Month
    • - National Straw Hat Month
    • - Records and Information Management Month
    • - National Safe Digging Month


    I admit to picking some that seem a little bit over the top. Not that I don't want Fido to be fit, interns to be appreciated or those who dig ditches to be safe. But having a full month celebration might be a bit much.


    One that I didn't find on their list that I DO think is important is "financial literacy month". Of course, we've been working to provide you with information that would increase your financial wisdom for over 21 years so that's no surprise.


    That being the case it's hard for us to do anything special for financial literacy month since that's what we do all year long. We are highlighting some articles on the site and in our newsletters this month. You may have noticed the "Celebrate Financial Literacy Month" tag on some of them.


    So keep on learning and applying what you learn to your finances. I'm sure that you'll be glad you did!


    Keep on Stretching those financially literate Dollars!

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