Useless Expenses

  • I saw an interesting piece on Yahoo this week. It highlighted 13 things that you shouldn't spend money on. I agree with all of them, but the first one might be my favorite - ATM fees.


    "It'll cost you a record high of $4.57 to withdraw money from an out-of-network ATM. There's no reason to continue paying these fees, which can add up significantly over time. A simple solution: If your bank's logo isn't on the ATM, don't use it."


    If you use one of the traditional, bigger banks, there should be ATM options in your area. Simply look up the locations online and put in the extra effort to get to one of your bank's ATMs. If there aren't any convenient ATM options in your city or town, you may want to consider opening a checking account with a more accessible bank"


    And there's no excuse for not looking for nearby ATMs. Just search for "(your bank name) ATMs near me" and you'll get a map showing their locations.

    I'd love to hear about a useless expense that you've eliminated. Please send me an email and tell us your story.


    Keep on Stretching those useful Dollars!

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