Can You Afford Spring Cleaning?

  • Now that we're into March it's time to give some thought to spring cleaning. I know that for some readers this is a highlight of the year. They love to tear apart their home and make everything bright and clean. But I admit that I'd prefer doing something else. Working on my old car or watching an interesting documentary. So I'm probably not as thorough as some readers, but try to at least get the important things done.


    Regardless of whether you're a spring cleaning warrior or a reluctant private in the spring cleaning army, we have some articles that can help you get the most from your efforts.


    For instance, Spring Cleaning the Natural Way includes a variety of ways to clean your home naturally and save money in the process.


    Winter snow, ice and slush can be hard on your vehicle. Readers share their methods for Spring Cleaning Your Car.


    And, here's a way to add a little fun to spring cleaning. It's called The Spring Cleaning Money Hunt. You'll read how to get your whole family involved in the effort.


    Keep on Stretching those spring cleaning Dollars!

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