Frugal Living Finds 2

  • Here's a couple of articles that you might enjoy.


    The first comes from It explains some of the current website scams that you might come across and how to avoid them.


    My favorite is the 'spoof website scam'. Like so many people I've enjoyed the convenience and pricing of shopping online. But you do need to be careful that you're actually dealing with the real company, not some look-a-like that's trying to steal your money.


    The second article discusses a topic that concerns me (and should concern you) - jobs that are becoming obsolete. Our friends at Money Talks put together a list of The 10 Most Endangered Jobs — and Viable Alternatives. If you've ever wondered if your job could be at risk you'll want to read this article. Even if you don't think your job is at risk, it still is probably a good idea to take 2 minutes to make sure that you're right.


    Keep on Stretching those frugal Dollars!

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