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    As empty nesters my wife and I eat out a little more often than we did when we were raising a family. From the stats that I see many people are cooking less at home and either eating out or bringing in prepared meals. This article from our friends at called "9 Ways Restaurant Menus Are Designed to Make You Spend More" points out some of the ways they get you to open up your wallet. It's well written and includes some tricks that I hadn't heard before.


    I'm a big believer in keeping your life in balance. Even the best things in life can become a problem if they dominate everything else. So I couldn't help but finding "5 Signs You’re Obsessed with Saving Money" interesting. If you've been accused of taking your money-saving activities too far you'll want to give it a read.


    Another thing that I feel is important is teaching young people about personal finance. The financial world keeps getting more and more complicated. So the need for education is more critical now than ever before. One problem that those of us who try to provide financial information/education face is getting people interested in the subject. That's especially true for youngsters. That's why I found this this article from WellKeptWallet of interest. I think that you might find the key to teaching your kids about money in it.


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!


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