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  • Once I wrote an article on the cheapest way to own a car. The absolute cheapest was to buy a 2 or 3 year old car (after it's initial depreciation) and then keep it until the wheels fell off. Next best was to buy it new and drive it until it wouldn't go any more! So when Money Talks News wrote an article on the "10 Best Cars for a Long Term Relationship" they had my attention. If you're thinking about buying a car this year you should give the article your attention.


    Here's something I didn't know, but makes a lot of sense. According to Boomer & Echo there are 3 phases to retirement. The early years, slowing down and winding down. It's an interesting read if your in or nearing retirement.


    Talking about surprising, here's one that should encourage all of you couponers. According to "people with household incomes of $100,000+ are 2x more likely to coupon as those earning less than $35,000." Makes you glad to coupon. Also makes you wonder why people with lower incomes don't see the value in coupons.


    Finally, I was quoted in an article on on money saving mistakes and how to reverse the damage. A number of people in the field share their thoughts.

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