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  • Here at TDS we try to share the best time and money-saving ideas. Even if they aren't our's! These are a of the articles that I thought you might find helpful. Hope you enjoy them!


    As you know, I'm not a big fan of payday lenders. In fact, I consider it to be legalized loan sharking. But, if you think that you must use one, you'll want to read this article on Millennial Personal Finanace that shares the data on payday loan complaints. Forewarned is forearmed!


    One of the financial planners that we regularly follow is Angela Dorsey. She's a CFP(r) who wrote an interesting piece on long term care and women. Did you know that 70% of people who reach age 65 will need long term care at some point in their life? And, that since women tend to live longer, they're more likely to need long term care? If you're a baby boomer or senior you'll want to read this report.


    As an old car buff I read a lot of auto related articles. So when our friends over at Money Talks News did an article on 5 Simple Car Care Tips That Can Save You a Bundle of Money you couldn't keep me away. None of them are too hard for the average person to do and most only require minimum tools.

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