Is Your Job Safe?

  • Have you ever wondered whether technology will make your job obsolete? If you haven't already, you probably should at least ask the question. A recent article said that eventually 50% of all job tasks could be done without a person.


    Now that's not to say that 50% of all jobs will disappear. Most jobs contain some things that can be automated and other tasks that cannot. The article is saying that 50% of the tasks that we do at work could disappear.


    Here's just one example. There was a time when a real estate professional had to spend hours finding possibilities for buyers. Today a few clicks does the job. So instead of paging through the MLS listing, real estate agents today are spending more time helping buyers find appropriate financing. They've shifted part of their time from a routine repetitive task and started using it more productively.


    So do you and I prepare for this automated future? First you might want to read the original article.


    Next you probably should look at your job as guesstimate how much of your job could be eliminated by automation. You'll need to do this once a year or so from now on.


    Then find out what you could learn that would make you more valuable when those tasks are automated. Employers will be happy to keep people who can give up repetitive tasks and replace them with more demanding, more profitable work. There's actually an opportunity for ambitious prepared workers.


    Then consider if additional education will help you prepare for those future tasks.
    We have an affiliate with They have many courses that could help you reach that next step. Some are expensive. But losing your job isn't cheap either. Check with your employer. Many will even pay for additional training.

    You may find that it'll be hard to upgrade your job and that you need to prepare for limited hours and perhaps even look for a new career field. We have another affiliate that can help you find another job.


    This is not going to be an easy transition. Very few jobs will be untouched by automation in the future. Employers and government can help people prepare, but ultimately you are responsible for your future. If you rely on others you could be sitting around your home wondering what happened to your future. And, that's something that we'd like to help you avoid. So take action now while there's still time to prepare for what's ahead.


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