Hello to all my Frugal Friends!
    When I think about Thanksgiving it's with mixed feelings. For many who have a lot it's a time to over eat and watch football. Not much thought goes into being thankful for all the things that they have. Just a day to consume too much.


    For those who are struggling financially, Thanksgiving can almost seem like an affront. They're reminded that they don't have all the money that would allow them to have a big celebration. Hard not to get discouraged.


    But I'd encourage all of our readers to find something that they're thankful for. The reason is simple. Whether you're living in luxury or fighting to keep your head above water, it's good to think of the blessings we have. Thinking of the things that we're thankful for takes our minds off our troubles and gives us a reason to hope.


    So my hope is that you'll spend a minute or two thinking of whatever or whoever you're thankful for. It'll do you some good.


    Keep on Stretching those Thanksgiving Dollars!

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