• Last week we had a surprising election. I'm sure that some of you were happy and others were displeased. But there is one thing that I think that we all can agree on. Being prepared for surprises makes it easier to survive them financially. And that's true not just for things that affect everyone, but also for the things that just affect us individually. Things like a surprise layoff, pregnancy, auto accident, appliance replacement, illness, etc, etc, etc.


    So I invite you to do your own post-election evaluation. Why not take a few minutes to ask yourself if you're prepared for the various surprises that life brings? If you find that there are areas that you haven't prepared TDS can help. You can either use the search feature that's found on almost every page on the site (right column on a desktop display, near the bottom on mobile) or visit the Dollar Stretcher topical index.


    Keep on Stretching those prepared Dollars!



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