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  • You probably know how much I hate payday lenders. Routinely we're ask by lenders to run ads on the site and in our newsletters. And routinely we turn them down. If you ever should see one on the site please let us know. We use ad networks and will have them block any payday lenders we know about. (unfortunately we can't block a category, we need to do it one company at a time)


    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released new proposed rules. They would curb some of the abuses. But it could go further. A site has been set up to encourage consumer protection from payday lenders. If you'd like to join the fight you'll find more info here.


    Just for the record, I know that for some people a payday loan is the only money that they can find. But when you add up the fees, etc most of those loans are in the 300 to 400% range! If we need to have payday lenders they should be able to loan money at rates that don't lead to financial slavery.


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!Gary



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