Why You Should Pay Off Your Credit Cards

  • An interesting article was part of our Bankrate feed this week. It was titled "Pay Off Your Credit Cards Now. Here's Why". It included an interesting quote from a friend of our's (who happens to be very smart) Gerri Detweiler. The article summarizes her advice as "If you can't retire your credit card debt within 3 years, you should consider reaching out to a credit counseling agency for help." If that's you, we've already researched out some organizations that can help. You'll find them here.


    Finally, a soapbox moment. As we enter the political season I want to remind everyone that there is no free lunch. I know that Dollar Stretcher readers are aware of this. But sometimes candidates make us want to believe that it's true. That you can get something for nothing. Or that someone else will pay for something that benefits you.


    I suppose that for awhile you could force the diner to give me a free lunch or Mr. Jones to buy my lunch. Even if they didn't want to. But eventually the diner will close or Mr. Jones'll either run out of money or decide that he'll refuse to pick up the check.


    So when any politician from any party promises you a 'free lunch' recognize that someone has to pay for your ham sandwich. And, sooner or later, that someone will be you.


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!


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